UN Documents for Sanctions: Security Council Resolutions

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9 December 2022 S/RES/2664 This resolution established a cross-cutting humanitarian exception to the asset freeze measures imposed by UN sanctions regimes.
15 November 2021 S/RES/2607 This resolution renewed for one year the partial lifting of the arms embargo on Somali security forces; the authorisation for maritime interdiction to enforce the embargo on illicit arms imports, charcoal exports, and IED components; and humanitarian exemptions to the regime. The resolution received 13 votes in favour and two abstentions (China and Russia).
5 November 2018 S/RES/2441 This was a resolution extending the mandate of the Panel of Experts and renewing measures related to the illicit export of crude oil from Libya until 15 February 2020 adopted with 13 votes in favour and two abstentions (China and Russia).
14 November 2017 S/RES/2385 This was a resolution on Somalia and Eritrea sanctions with 11 affirmative votes and four abstentions (Bolivia, China, Egypt, Russia).
5 September 2017 S/RES/2374 This established a targeted sanctions regime on Mali.
21 June 2017 S/RES/2360 This renewed the DRC sanctions regime and the mandate of the Group of Experts.
17 December 2015 S/RES/2253 This was a resolution strengthening the Al Qaida sanctions regime and focusing on the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The sanctions regime was also renamed the “1267/1989/2253 ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions List” to reflect this focus.
23 October 2015 S/RES/2244 This resolution renewed the partial lifting of the arms embargo, maritime interdiction of illicit arms and charcoal, the humanitarian exemption and the mandate of the Monitoring Group.
25 July 2012 S/RES/2060 This resolution extended the mandate of the Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea for 13 months, as well as the humanitarian exemption to the Somalia sanctions regime for 12 months.
18 May 2012 S/RES/2048 This resolution imposed travel bans on coup leaders and set up a new sanctions committee.
26 April 2012 S/RES/2045 This resolution renewing the Côte d'Ivoire sanctions regime for 12 months, renewed the mandate of the Panel of Experts and rolled over most of the measures in resolution 1980.
17 February 2012 S/RES/2035 This resolution extended the mandate of the Sudan sanctions panel of experts until 17 February 2013.
5 December 2011 S/RES/2023 This resolution condemned Eritrea's violations of resolution 1907, 1862 and 1844, called on it to cease all efforts to destabilise other states, including through support for the Islamist rebel group Al Shabaab, and imposed new measures to prevent Eritrea from using the diaspora tax or revenues from its mining sector to commit further violations.
29 November 2011 S/RES/2021 This resolution extended the DRC sanctions and the mandate of the group of experts to 30 November 2012.
16 September 2011 S/RES/2009 This resolution authorised the deployment of UNSMIL and partially lifted sanctions.