UN Documents for Kosovo: Security Council Resolutions

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10 June 1999 S/RES/1244 This resolution authorised NATO to secure and enforce the withdrawal of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia forces from Kosovo and established UNMIK.
14 May 1999 S/RES/1239 This resolution called for access for humanitarian relief operations to aid refugees and IDPs.
24 October 1998 S/RES/1203 This resolution demanded that Yugoslavia cooperate fully with the OSCE Verification Mission in Kosovo and the NATO Air Verification Mission over Kosovo.
23 September 1998 S/RES/1199 This resolution expressed deep concern about the excessive use of force by Serbian security forces and the Yugoslav army, and called for a ceasefire by both parties to the conflict.
31 March 1998 S/RES/1160 This resolution called upon the parties to take steps to achieve a peaceful solution, and referred to OSCE and Contact Group readiness to facilitate dialogue. Arms embargo on Kosovo and the FRY was imposed under Chapter VII.