UN Documents for Chad/CAR: Security Council Resolutions

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25 May 2010 S/RES/1923 This resolution renewed MINURCAT's mandate until 31 December 2010.
12 May 2010 S/RES/1922 This resolution rolled over MINURCAT's mandate to 26 May 2010.
12 March 2010 S/RES/1913 This resolution rolled over MINURCAT's mandate to 15 May 2010.
14 January 2009 S/RES/1861 This resolution extended the mandate of MINURCAT until 15 March 2010.
24 September 2008 S/RES/1834 This resolution renewed MINURCAT until 15 March 2009.
25 September 2007 S/RES/1778 This resolution established UN Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad (MINURCAT).
31 August 2006 S/RES/1706 This resolution set a mandate for UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) in Darfur; mandated a multidimensional UN presence in Chad and the Central African Republic; and requested recommendations.