UN Documents for Arms Control and Disarmament, including small arms: Security Council Resolutions

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23 September 2016 S/RES/2310 This was a resolution on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the opening for signature of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.
24 September 2009 S/RES/1887 This resolution was on nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament and stressed the value and necessity of fully implementing resolution 1540.
27 September 2008 S/RES/1835 The Council reaffirmed its commitment to an early negotiated solution to the Iranian nuclear issue and called upon Iran to comply with its obligations under previous Council and IAEA resolutions.
25 April 2008 S/RES/1810 This resolution extended the mandate of the 1540 Committee until 25 April 2011.
3 March 2008 S/RES/1803 This resolution established a travel ban on some individuals already subject to sanctions, added new names to the list of individuals and entities subject to assets freeze, expanded the scope of the embargo on proliferation sensitive items by adding dual-use items and authorised states to inspect Iranian cargoes to and from Iran if there are suspicions that they may transport prohibited items.
27 June 2007 S/RES/1762 This resolution terminated UNMOVIC's mandate and reaffirmed Iraq's disarmament obligations under relevant resolutions.
24 March 2007 S/RES/1747 This resolution established a ban on Iran's arms exports and added names to the list of people and entities subject to assets freeze.
23 December 2006 S/RES/1737 This resolution banned trade with Iran of certain nuclear proliferation-sensitive items, imposed an asset freeze on a list of persons and entities involved in proliferation-sensitive activities and established a Sanctions Committee.
21 December 2006 S/RES/1732 This resolution welcomed the report of the Working Group on General Issues of Sanctions and requested its subsidiary bodies to take note of methodological standards and best practices proposed in the report.
14 October 2006 S/RES/1718 This resolution expressed grave concern over North Korea's nuclear test, imposed sanctions and set up a sanctions committee.
31 July 2006 S/RES/1696 This resolution demanded that Iran implement steps required by the IAEA to reestablish confidence in the peaceful nature of its nuclear programme and, in this context, suspend uranium enrichment activities.
15 July 2006 S/RES/1695 This resolution condemned North Korea's launch of ballistic missiles and imposed sanctions.
13 June 2006 S/RES/1683 This resolution partially lifted the arms embargo (for limited supplies of weapons and ammunition) but requested that the Liberian government mark weapons and ammunition, maintain a registry, and formally notify the sanctions committee.
27 April 2006 S/RES/1673 This resolution extended the mandate of the 1540 Committee until 27 April 2008.
17 October 2005 S/RES/1631 This resolution addressed the issue of cooperation between the UN and regional organisations and stressed the role of regional organisations in addressing the issue of small arms.