UN Documents for Yemen: Security Council Press Statements

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12 April 2013 SC/10969 The Council welcomed Yemen’s reorganisation of the military and called on all parties to support the President’s decrees and to work to ensure their prompt implementation.
28 September 2012 SC/10778 Following a high-level “Friends of Yemen” meeting held on the margins of the General Assembly on 27 September, Council members issued a press statement commending Yemen's progress in implementing its transition agreement and called upon all parties to continue to honour the timetable set out in the agreement and for all sides to act in a spirit of reconciliation.
13 September 2012 SC/10762 This press statement condemned the terrorist attack in Sana'a on 11 September.
21 May 2012 SC/10656 The Council condemned the suicide attack that killed 96 soldiers in Sana'a on 21 May.
7 March 2012 SC/10571 The Council condemned the terrorist attacks that occurred in Abyan province.
22 February 2012 SC/10553 The Council noted the significance of presidential elections and encouraged further transitional steps to be taken promptly.
25 January 2012 SC/10529 The Council welcomed the formation of the Government of National Unity and called for credible elections on 21 February.
22 December 2011 SC/10504 The Council welcomed the progress that had been made in implementing the GCC initiative and reiterated the Council's call that it be implemented in a timely and transparent manner.
28 November 2011 SC/10460 The Council welcomed the signing of the GCC initiative.
24 September 2011 SC/10394 The Council urged all parties to reject violence.
9 August 2011 SC/10357 The Council expressed concern at the worsening economic, humanitarian and security situations.
24 June 2011 SC/10296 The Council expressed grave concern at the deteriorating security and humanitarian situation.
17 September 2008 SC/9446 The Council condemned the terrorist attacks at the United States Embassy in Sana'a, Yemen on 17 September.