UN Documents for Central African Republic: Security Council Press Statements

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15 September 2014 SC/11562 This press statement welcomed the transition of authority from the African-led International Support Mission in the Central African Republic (MISCA) to the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA).
24 July 2014 SC/11491 This welcomed the ceasefire signed in Brazzaville on 23 July.
30 May 2014 SC/11423 This press statement condemned the 28 May attack on the church of Notre Dame de Fatima as well as the destruction of one of the last mosques in Bangui on 29 May.
30 May 2014 SC/11934 This was on the death of a French journalist.
13 May 2014 SC/11394 This was a press statement on the death of a French journalist.
29 August 2013 SC/11093 This press statement expressed the Council’s willingness to consider supporting AFISM-CAR.
29 April 2013 SC/10993 This press statement supported political efforts by ECCAS.
25 March 2013 SC/10960 This was a press statement condemning the seizure of power by the Seleka.
22 March 2013 SC/10955 This was a press statement calling for the cessation of hostilities.
20 March 2013 SC/10948 This was a press statement condemning recent attacks by the Seleka and calling on all sides to abide by their respective commitments.
11 January 2013 SC/10880 The Council welcomed the signing of the Libreville agreements and called for their implementation (in relation to the uprising by the Seleka rebel alliance).
4 January 2013 SC/10877 The Council called for a cessation of hostilities and for parties to engage in political dialogue in response to the uprising by the Seleka rebel alliance.
27 December 2012 SC/10874 The Council demanded the Seleka rebel alliance cease hostilities, called on all parties to seek a peaceful solution and supported efforts undertaken by the Economic Community of the Central African States to solve the crisis.
19 December 2012 SC/10867 This statement was on the attacks conducted by armed groups over the last few days in the country’s north-east.
6 June 2012 SC/10665 Acknowledged efforts made by the Government regarding the launch of the political dialogue on 15 May and expressed concern over the lack of consensus on the reform of the electoral code. Expressed concern at a surge in reports of human rights violations committed by defence and security forces, including arbitrary arrest, illegal detention and reports of abuses including harassment in the area controlled by armed groups.