UN Documents for Central African Republic: Security Council Press Statements

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4 December 2017 SC/13102 This was a statement condemning the 4 December attack on a MINUSCA detachment in Bria, which killed one Mauritanian peacekeeper and injured two other Mauritanian peacekeepers and one Zambian peacekeeper.
27 November 2017 SC/13092 This was a statement condemning the 26 November attack on MINUSCA, which resulted in one Egyptian peacekeeper killed and three others injured.
26 July 2017 SC/12930 The members of the Security Council condemned the attack on MINUSCA peacekeepers in Bangassou (Mbomou) on 25 July by suspected anti-Balaka elements, which resulted in two Moroccan peacekeepers killed and one injured, two days after the attack that led to the death of another Moroccan peacekeeper.
24 July 2017 SC/12926 This was a press statement condemning the attack on a MINUSCA convoy in Bangassou (Mbomou) on 23 July by anti-Balaka elements that resulted in one peacekeeper killed and three injured.
15 May 2017 SC/12823 Council members issued a press statement condemning anti-Balaka attacks on MINUSCA and civilian populations in Bangassou.
10 May 2017 SC/12815 Council members condemned the attack on a MINUSCA convey in Bangassou by anti-Balaka militants that resulted in the deaths of five peacekeepers and the wounding of ten others.
18 April 2016 SC/12329 This was a press statement condemning the killing of a MINUSCA peacekeeper.
11 November 2015 SC/12116 This press statement condemned attacks on IDPs and MINUSCA peacekeepers.
7 October 2015 SC/12070 This was a press statement that condemned an attack on a MINUSCA convoy which resulted in the death of one Burundian peacekeeper the day before.
28 September 2015 SC/12061 This was a press statement reiterating their support for the Transitional Authorities and called for an immediate end to the recent upsurge in violence in Bangui.
18 August 2015 SC/12010 This was a press statement, expressing outrage at allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse committed by MINUSCA peacekeepers in the CAR and welcoming the commitment of the Secretary-General to strictly enforce his zero-tolerance policy.
9 August 2015 SC/12004 This was a press statement expressing sorrow at the death of five MINUSCA peacekeepers when one killed himself and four others.
3 August 2015 SC/11995 This was a press statement condemning an attack against a MINUSCA convoy in Bangui.
15 May 2015 SC/11895 This was a press statement welcoming the holding of the Bangui forum on national reconciliation from 4 to 11 May 2015.
10 October 2014 SC/11596 This was a press statement condemning the attack against a convoy of MINUSCA on 9 October in Bangui, in which one Pakistani peacekeeper was killed and several other peacekeepers from Pakistan and Bangladesh were severely injured.