UN Documents for UNOWAS (West Africa and the Sahel): Security Council Press Statements

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8 June 2021 SC/14545 This press statement condemned the attacks on 4 and 5 June in the administrative region of the Sahel in Burkina Faso that killed over 100 civilians.
10 December 2016 SC/12616 This was a press statement that commended the people of the Islamic Republic of the Gambia for the peaceful and transparent holding of elections on 1 December 2016.
16 January 2016 SC/12208 This was a press statement condemning the terrorist attacks in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, during which at least 29 people were killed and many more injured, and for which Al-Mourabitoune, a terrorist group affiliated to Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, claimed responsibility.
15 January 2016 SC/12207 Council members stressed the importance of the upcoming elections in Niger, Benin, Cabo Verde, Ghana and the Gambia to be free, fair and peaceful. They also expressed concern over Guinea-Bissau's political tension and called upon national leaders to sustain stability through dialogue.
24 September 2015 SC/12057 This was a press statement that welcomed the reinstatement of President Michel Kafando and the transitional authorities in Burkina Faso, calling for the resumption of the transition process without delay.
17 September 2015 SC/12051 This was a press statement condemning RSP elements’ forceful seizure of power, and expressing strong support for UN, ECOWAS and AU mediation efforts in Burkina Faso.
16 September 2015 SC/12048 This was a press statement condemning the detention of Burkino Faso President Michel Kafando, Prime Minister Isaac Zida and other ministers earlier that day.
17 November 2014 SC/11651 This press statement welcomed the 16 November signature of a Charter for the Transition in Burkina Faso and the appointment of Michel Kafando as transition president.
5 November 2014 SC/11632 This press statement expressed deep concern over the security and political crisis in Burkina Faso and urged security forces to hand over power to a civilian led transition and take immediate steps to restore constitutional order.
9 July 2014 SC/11466 Welcomed Said Djinnit's efforts in his capacity as UN High Representative to Nigeria and wider international efforts to address the threat of Boko Haram; expressed concern over the Ebola outbreak in West Africa; and endorsed the establishment of a new analytical unit in UNOWA.
24 May 2013 SC/11014 This press statement condemned a terrorist attack in Niger that resulted in numerous deaths and injuries.
21 September 2012 SC/10772 The Council took note of the progress made in developing a UN integrated strategy for the Sahel.