UN Documents for Syria: Security Council Press Statements

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29 April 2022 SC/14876 This was a press statement marking the 25th anniversary of the entry into force of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production, Stockpiling and Use of Chemical Weapons and on Their Destruction (CWC).
10 March 2017 SC/12749 Council members welcomed the announcement by de Mistura of a clear agenda for future negotiations as indicated by resolution 2254.
31 January 2017 SC/12701 This welcomed the International Meeting on Syria held in Astana, Kazakhstan and took note of the joint statement adopted at the meeting by Iran, Russia and Turkey.
20 January 2017 SC/12690 This condemned the destruction of cultural heritage by ISIL in Syria following reports of the destruction of the tetrapylon and parts of the theatre of Palmyra.
28 October 2016 SC/12569 Condemned the attack on a school complex in Haas village, Idlib governorate, on 26 October, which killed at least 22 children and teachers, and on a school in the western part of Aleppo on 28 October, which killed a number of children, and called for impartial investigations.
28 October 2016 SC/12568 Condemned a mortar shelling on 28 October of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Damascus.
22 June 2016 SC/12415 This deplored the attack on a Jordanian border crossing post.
24 May 2016 SC/12372 This was a press statement that condemned the ISIL attacks in Jableh and Tartous as well as indiscriminate attacks by all parties, called for the resumption of talks and expressed support for Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura.
12 May 2016 SC/12360 This was a statement that expressed outrage at attacks against civilians and civilian objects.
23 February 2016 SC/12254 Condemned the 21 February ISIS attacks in Damascus and Homs.
1 February 2016 SC/12232 Condemned the ISIS attack on 31 January in Damascus.
19 November 2015 SC/12127 Condemned ISIS for the murder of a Chinese citizen and a Norwegian citizen.
19 November 2015 SC/12128 Council members reaffirmed their support for Lebanese sovereignty and territorial integrity, reiterated the importance of Lebanon’s policy of disassociation and called on all Lebanese parties to cease any involvement in the Syrian crisis.
28 August 2015 SC/12030 Condemned the use of sexual violence committed, including as a method or tactic of warfare, in Syria and Iraq.
22 July 2015 SC/11979 Condemned the ISIS-linked terrorist attack in Suruc, Turkey, a town near the border with Syria.