UN Documents for Libya: Security Council Press Statements

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27 October 2020 SC/14339 This was was on the ceasefire agreed between representatives of the GNA and the LAAF.
2 December 2019 SC/14037 This was on the escalation of violence in Libya.
5 July 2019 SC/13873 Council members issued a press statement condemning the 2 July air strike on the Tajoura migrant detention centre in a Tripoli suburb that killed 53 people and injured over 130 people and stressing “the need for all parties to urgently de-escalate the situation and to commit to a ceasefire”.
26 March 2019 SC/13749 Council members issued a press statement welcoming Salamé’s announcement that the National Conference will take place from 14-16 April 2019 in Ghadames, Libya.
27 December 2018 SC/13651 This press statement condemned the terrorist attack on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tripoli.
6 September 2018 SC/13490 Council members condemned the violence in Tripoli and welcomed the result of the mediation reached on 4 September by UNSMIL.
19 July 2018 SC/13429 This was a press statement addressing issues such as the attacks led by Ibrahim Jadhran against the oil infrastructure in June 2018, the resumption of work by Libya's National Oil Corporation, and the unification of Libya's economic and financial institutions.
27 July 2017 SC/12933 This welcomed the meeting between Serraj and Haftar as well as the joint declaration they issued.
26 May 2017 SC/12846 This condemned the military escalation in southern Libya and Tripoli.
7 December 2016 SC/12613 This was a press statement that expressed deep concern over the challenging political and security context in Libya.
22 July 2016 SC/12456 This was a press statement welcoming the 16-17 July meeting of the Libyan Political Dialogue and the Presidency Council.
22 April 2016 SC/12334 This press statement deplored the maritime tragedy that resulted in up to 500 deaths.
1 April 2016 SC/12313 This press statement encouraged the Presidency Council to immediately begin its work in Tripoli to broaden the basis of its support.
14 March 2016 SC/12280 This was a press statement calling for the Presidency Council to take steps to rapidly start working from the capital, Tripoli.
20 January 2016 SC/12214 This was a statement welcoming the announcement by the Presidency Council of the formation of the Government of National Accord and looking forward to the House of Representatives endorsing the Government of National Accord.