UN Documents for Haiti: Security Council Press Statements

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7 July 2021 SC/14574 This was the statement was released by the President of the Security Council, condemning the assassination of the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moïse.
1 July 2021 SC/14571 This was the press statement reiterating deep concern of Council members regarding deteriorating political, security and humanitarian conditions in Haiti and stressing the primary responsibility of the Government of Haiti to address the situation.
8 January 2020 SC/14070 This press statement expressed concern regarding the continuing political impasse in Haiti and reiterated the need for inclusive and open dialogue to form a government. Security Council members also emphasised the urgent need to address deteriorating humanitarian conditions in Haiti.
12 July 2018 SC/13419 This was a press statement that condemned the recent violence in Haiti which resulted in several deaths.
4 January 2017 SC/12666 This statement welcomed the announcement of the final presidential results from the 20 November 2016 elections in Haiti.
13 May 2016 SC/12364 This was a press statement expressing "deep disappointment” that Haitian leaders had failed to meet election deadlines.
18 March 2016 SC/12290 This was a press statement that expressed concern regarding the continued suspension of electoral rounds in Haiti and called for the completion of the electoral cycle without further delay.
29 January 2016 SC/12229 Council members expressed concern regarding the developments leading to the indefinite postponement of the final round of elections in Haiti, scheduled to have taken place on 27 December 2015 and postponed, for the second time, to 24 January.
22 December 2015 SC/12183 This was a press statement that stressed the importance of peaceful and credible elections.
13 April 2015 SC/11858 This was a press statement that condemned an attack against a MINUSTAH vehicle which killed a Chilean peacekeeper.
28 January 2013 SC/10901 The Council called for the holding of elections by the end of 2013 and urged all political actors to increase their efforts to preserve stability in Haiti.
10 December 2010 SC/10110 The Council addressed the post-election situation in Haiti.
18 January 2010 SC/9846 The Council expressed deep sympathy to the people of Haiti, and condolences to the families of all members of MINUSTAH who lost their lives in the 12 January earthquake.
13 January 2010 SC/9842 This was a press statement conveying deepest sympathy and solidarity to all those affected by the earthquake and to their families.
8 April 2008 SC/9293 The Council welcomed progress while deploring recent violence and attacks against MINUSTAH. It also expressed concern at the humanitarian situation and encouraged international donors to provide emergency relief.