UN Documents for Guinea-Bissau: Security Council Press Statements

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1 July 2020 SC/14240 This press statement expressed concern, among other things, at recent incidents, calling on Guinea-Bissau’s defence and security forces not to interfere in the political process in Guinea-Bissau.
5 March 2020 SC/14138 Council members issued a press statement calling on the parties “to respect the legal and constitutional frameworks and the democratic process to resolve the post-electoral crisis”. They also “called on ECOWAS to urgently send a high-level political mission to Guinea-Bissau” to help resolve the crisis.
16 October 2019 SC/13989 This press statement reiterated the imperative need for the presidential election to be held on 24 November 2019.
3 July 2019 SC/13870 Council members issued a press statement taking note, inter alia, of the ECOWAS call for the president of Guinea-Bissau to sign a decree of nomination of the government by 3 July on the basis of the proposition made by the Prime Minister, and for the president to stay in office until the holding of the next presidential election, while leaving the full management of government affairs to the newly formed government.
26 March 2019 SC/13746 Council members issued a press statement congratulating Guinea-Bissau for the peaceful conduct of legislative elections held on 10 March.
27 December 2018 SC/13650 Council members issued a press statement expressing concern regarding the status of preparations for legislative elections, which they stressed should take place prior to the presidential elections foreseen in 2019.
7 September 2018 SC/13492 This press statement encouraged national stakeholders to work together for the November 2018 legislative elections.
21 February 2018 SC/13218 This was a press statement taking note of ECOWAS's decision to sanction 19 individuals for obstructing implementation of the Conakry Agreement.
11 May 2017 SC/12818 This was a press statement on the situation in Guinea-Bissau in which Council members called on relevant stakeholders to comply with the Conakry agreement and the ECOWAS road map.
20 October 2016 SC/12560 Council members welcomed the initiative that brought together political leaders, civil society and religious leaders and welcomed the Conakry agreement that resulted from these talks.
4 September 2016 SC/12504 This was a press statement expressing serious concern over the political impasse, urging national actors to abide by the constitution and the rule of law and to engage in dialogue to find a solution.
15 June 2016 SC/12405 This was a press statement encouraging national actors to abide by the constitution and the rule of law and commending security forces for their non-interference in the political crisis.
15 January 2016 SC/12207 Council members stressed the importance of the upcoming elections in Niger, Benin, Cabo Verde, Ghana and the Gambia to be free, fair and peaceful. They also expressed concern over Guinea-Bissau's political tension and called upon national leaders to sustain stability through dialogue.
21 September 2015 SC/12054 This was a press statement taking note of the appointment of Carlos Correia as Prime Minister as an important step for ending Guinea-Bissau’s political crisis.
14 August 2015 SC/12007 This press statement called on leaders to seek dialogue and consensus in resolving the crisis and underscored the importance of the non-interference of security forces in the political situation.