UN Documents for Women, Peace and Security: Security Council Presidential Statements

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28 August 2007 S/PRST/2007/31 This statement requested the Secretary-General to submit a report on the options for further implementation of resolution 1625.
7 March 2007 S/PRST/2007/5 This statement was on women, peace and security.
26 October 2006 S/PRST/2006/42 This statement was on women, peace and security and welcomed the role the PBC can play in mainstreaming gender perspectives into the peace consolidation process.
27 October 2005 S/PRST/2005/52 Council members reaffirmed the Council’s commitment to the full implementation of resolution 1325 and welcomed the system-wide action plan for its implementation as proposed by the Secretary-General in his 2005 report.
31 May 2005 S/PRST/2005/21 This presidential statement condemned, in the strongest terms, all acts of sexual abuse and exploitation committed by peacekeepers and welcomed the comprehensive report prepared by Prince Zeid.
25 February 2005 S/PRST/2005/9 The Council reaffirmed the crucial importance of the reintegration of ex-combatants, taking into account the special needs of child soldiers and women, in order to reverse the culture of violence and create an enabling environment for national reconciliation in countries emerging from conflict.
28 October 2004 S/PRST/2004/40 The Council encouraged gender mainstreaming in DDR.
6 October 2004 S/PRST/2004/34 This statement expressed the Council's intention to consider the matter of justice and the rule of law in conflict and post-conflict societies within six months and asked the Secretary General to make proposals for rapid implementation of the recommendations made in the Secretary-General's report of 23 August on strengthening United Nations support for transitional justice and the rule of law in conflict and post-conflict countries.
31 October 2002 S/PRST/2002/32 This was a presidential statement on women, peace and security.
31 October 2001 S/PRST/2001/31 This statement on women, peace and security emphasised the importance of gender perspectives in policies and programmes addressing armed conflict, especially peacekeeping operations.
20 February 2001 S/PRST/2001/5 The Council stressed the importance of mainstreaming a gender perspective into peace agreements and peace-building strategies and of involving women in all peace-building measures.
13 March 2000 S/PRST/2000/7 The Council the importance of providing assistance to all those in need, with particular emphasis on women and children and other vulnerable groups affected by armed conflict, in accordance with the principle of impartiality.