UN Documents for Piracy: Security Council Presidential Statements

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9 August 2021 S/PRST/2021/15 This presidential statement reaffirmed that international law, as reflected in UNCLOS, sets out the legal framework applicable to activities in the oceans and encouraged member states to continue building and strengthening their capacities to enhance maritime security, including against piracy and armed robbery at sea, terrorist activities, and transnational organized crime.
26 April 2016 S/PRST/2016/4 This was a presidential statement which encouraged regional states, regional organisations and international partners to make fully operational the Gulf of Guinea counter-piracy mechanisms as soon as possible.
14 August 2013 S/PRST/2013/13 This presidential statement regarding piracy in the Gulf of Guinea welcomed the summit on maritime safety and security and stressed the importance of regional coordination for counter-piracy efforts.
19 November 2012 S/PRST/2012/24 Expressed grave concern about the threat posed by piracy, condemned hostage taking and violence against hostages and called for a continuation of efforts to combat piracy at the national, regional and international levels. It asked the Secretary-General to include in relevant reports to the Council information on ways to advance the international response against piracy.
25 August 2010 S/PRST/2010/16 This presidential statement welcomed the Secretary-General's 27 July report on piracy, encouraged the International Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia to continue discussions on possible further steps to ensure that those responsible for acts of piracy .re held accountable and requested the Secretary-General to include in his next report on Somali piracy observations on possible ways to enhance international cooperation.