UN Documents for Kosovo: Security Council Presidential Statements

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26 November 2008 S/PRST/2008/44 This was the presidential statement welcoming the Secretary-General’s 24 November report and the cooperation between the UN and other international actors within the framework of resolution 1244.
24 October 2005 S/PRST/2005/51 This presidential statement declared it was time to begin the political process to determine the future status of Kosovo, and urged continued commitment to implementation of standards.
30 April 2004 S/PRST/2004/13 This presidential statement reaffirmed strong support for the "standards before status" policy and, subsequent to the March 2004 violence against non-Albanians, urged the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government to focus efforts on two key standards: "sustainable returns and the rights of communities and their members" and freedom of movement.
18 March 2004 S/PRST/2004/5 This presidential statement condemned a wave of inter-ethnic violence in Kosovo.
12 December 2003 S/PRST/2003/26 This presidential statement endorsed "Standards for Kosovo".
6 February 2003 S/PRST/2003/1 This presidential statement further reaffirmed Council commitment to the objective of a multiethnic and democratic Kosovo.
24 October 2002 S/PRST/2002/29 This presidential statement called for participation in elections, particularly from minority communities.
24 May 2002 S/PRST/2002/16 This presidential statement called on Kosovo's elected leaders to focus their attention on the urgent matters for which they were responsible.
24 April 2002 S/PRST/2002/11 This presidential statement welcomed progress towards Provisional Institutions of Self-Government, and reaffirmed importance of rule of law.
13 February 2002 S/PRST/2002/4 This presidential statement expressed support for the new Provisional Institutions of Self-Government, Michael Steiner.
9 November 2001 S/PRST/2001/34 This presidential statement called on all Kosovo's men and women to vote.
5 October 2001 S/PRST/2001/27 This presidential statement welcomed upcoming elections.
16 March 2001 S/PRST/2001/8 This presidential statement called for an end to all acts of violence in Kosovo, and expressed concern at the security situation in neighbouring southern Serbia, and the northern Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
12 March 2001 S/PRST/2001/7 This presidential statement considered the letter from the Permanent Representative of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the UN addressed to the President of the Council (S/2001/191).
19 December 2000 S/PRST/2000/40 This presidential statement strongly condemned violent action by ethnic Albanian extremist groups in southern Serbia.