UN Documents for Children and Armed Conflict: Security Council Presidential Statements

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10 September 2020 S/PRST/2020/8 This was a presidential statement on attacks against schools, which was co-authored by Niger and Belgium. It reaffirmed the right to education , while condemning the significant increase in attacks against schools in recent years.
12 February 2020 S/PRST/2020/3 This was a presidential statement that stressed the need for a broad conflict prevention strategy that addresses the causes of conflict in order to protect children. It renewed its call on member states and relevant parties to integrate child protection provisions into all peace negotiations and ceasefire and peace agreements.
31 October 2017 S/PRST/2017/21 This was a presidential statement reiterating that the protection of children should be part of a comprehensive strategy to resolve conflict and sustain peace.
16 December 2015 S/PRST/2015/25 This was a presidential statement on trafficking in persons in situations of conflict, with a particular focus on ISIS and the impact on women and children.
17 June 2013 S/PRST/2013/8 This presidential statement expressed strong concern over the high number of repeat offenders that openly disregard Council resolutions and stressed the Council's commitment to effectively deal with persistent perpetrators as well as its readiness to adopt targeted measures against them.
16 June 2010 S/PRST/2010/10 This was on children and armed conflict.
29 April 2009 S/PRST/2009/9 This was a presidential statement regarding the Secretary General's annual report on Children and Armed Conflict.
17 July 2008 S/PRST/2008/28 This statement condemned equally the six gravest violations against children in conflict and welcomed the ongoing implementation of the monitoring and reporting mechanism in all situations listed in the annexes to the Secretary-General's reports. It also reiterated the need for a stronger focus on the long-term effects of armed conflicts on children and the impediments to children’s full rehabilitation and reintegration.
12 February 2008 S/PRST/2008/6 This resolution called for the full implementation of the monitoring and reporting mechanism on children and armed conflict and invited the Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict to continue adopting conclusions and proposing effective recommendations. It also expressed its readiness to review the relevant provisions of its resolutions on children and armed conflict and to build on resolution 1612.
30 May 2007 S/PRST/2007/16 This was on Burundi and referred to the conclusions of the Working Group on the situation in Burundi.
22 March 2007 S/PRST/2007/6 This presidential statement welcomed the efforts of Special Envoy Joaquim Chissano and emphasised support for a negotiated settlement to the conflict.
28 November 2006 S/PRST/2006/48 This presidential statement was on children and armed conflict.
24 July 2006 S/PRST/2006/33 This resolution reiterated the Council's commitment to the issue of children and armed conflict.
12 July 2005 S/PRST/2005/30 This was on the role of the Council in a Humanitarian Crisis. This statement reiterated the Council’s concern about insecurity along the borders between the Sudan, Chad and the CAR and its impact on civilians and humanitarian operations and expressed its readiness to authorise the deployment of a multidimensional presence in Chad and the CAR. It also stressed the importance of justice and the rule of law in post conflict situations and the need for the end of impunity as a part of peace agreements.
26 May 2005 S/PRST/2005/20 This was on post-conflict peacebuilding.