UN Documents for Kosovo: Security Council Meeting Records

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12 December 2003 S/PV.4880 The Council expressed support for the "Standards for Kosovo."
30 October 2003 S/PV.4853 Harri Holkeri noted an unclear short-term outlook, but positive future for Kosovo. Council was keen to have dialogue between Priština and Belgrade.
12 September 2003 S/PV.4823 This was a briefing by Heidi Annabi, and violence affecting returning IDPs was cited as major problem by the Council.
18 August 2003 S/PV.4809 The violence in Kosovo was condemned by members.
3 July 2003 S/PV.4782 This was the final briefing by outgoing Special Representative of the Secretary-General and Head of UNMIK, Michael Steiner.
10 June 2003 S/PV.4770 The briefing by Heidi Annabi noted that freedom of movement for minorities, minority participation and refugee returns were still problematic.
23 April 2003 S/PV.4742 This was a briefing by Heidi Annabi noting that representative and functioning institutions had yet to be established and that ethnic violence and crime were on the increase.
6 February 2003 S/PV.4703 The Council focused on the unemployment and security situations and stressed that standards which ensure the needs of the people should have precedence over the determination of the final status of Kosovo.
19 December 2002 S/PV.4676 The Council was briefed on the mission to Kosovo.
6 November 2002 S/PV.4643 This was a briefing by Jean-Marie Guéhenno the Council focused on recent municipal elections and the security of minorities in Kosovo.
24 October 2002 S/PV.4633 Council members called for participation in elections, particularly from minority communities.
5 September 2002 S/PV.4605 This was a briefing by Heidi Annabi.
30 July 2002 S/PV.4592/Corr.1 This was the corrigendum of the meeting in which the Council discussed the persistent challenges relating to strengthening self-government, reintegrating returnees, reforming the judiciary, combating terrorism and organised crime and ensuring multi-ethnic participation in the coming municipal elections.
26 June 2002 S/PV.4559 This was a briefing by Jean-Marie Guéhenno announced completion of the Kosovo government following the nomination of Kosovo Serbs.
24 May 2002 S/PV.4543 The Council deplored the Kosovo Assembly resolution regarding territorial issue with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.