UN Documents for Peacebuilding (including the PBC): Security Council Meeting Records

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25 June 2015 S/PV.7472 This was a briefing by Olof Skoog (Sweden) and Antonio de Aguiar Patriota (Brazil), the current and former chairs of the PBC on the eighth annual Peacebuilding report.
14 January 2015 S/PV.7359 This was a briefing by Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliason on the Secretary-General’s report on peacebuilding in the aftermath of conflict. Ambassador Antonio de Aguiar Patriota (Brazil), the chair of the Peacebuilding Commission, also briefed.
15 July 2014 S/PV.7217 This was a briefing by Ambassadors Vladimir Drobnjak (Croatia) and Antonio de Aguiar Patriota (Brazil), the past and current PBC chairs, who presented the 2013 PBC annual report (S/2014/67).
19 March 2014 S/PV.7143 The Council had a briefing on peacebuilding.
29 January 2014 S/PV.7105 This was a meeting, held at the initiative of Jordan, on "War, its lessons, and the search for a permanent peace".
28 January 2014 S/PV.7104 This was a briefing by Onanga-Anyanga and Seger.
25 April 2013 S/PV.6954 The Council was briefed by Ambassadors Abulkalam Abdul Momen (Bangladesh) and Ranko Vilovic (Croatia), the former and current chairs of the Peacebuilding Commission, on its sixth annual report (S/2013/63).
25 March 2013 S/PV.6941 This was a briefing on the situation in Liberia by Special Representative Karin Landgren and Ambassador Staffan Tillander (Sweden), the PBC configuration chair.
13 March 2013 S/PV.6933 This was a briefing by Jens Anders Toyberg-Frandzen, the head of UNIPSIL, and Ambassador Guillermo Rishchynski (Canada), chair of the PBC configuration for Sierra Leone.
5 February 2013 S/PV.6915 This briefing was on developments in Guinea-Bissau and UNIOGBIS activities by the Department of Political Affairs and by Ambassador Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotto (Brazil), the PBC configuration chair.
24 January 2013 S/PV.6909 This was the first briefing by Special Representative Parfait Onanga-Anyanga on the BNUB report, and by Paul Seger (Switzerland), chair of the PBC country configuration for Burundi.
20 December 2012 S/PV.6897 This was an open debate on post-conflict peacebuilding in which the Secretary-General and Bangladesh, as chair of the PBC, briefed.
12 July 2012 S/PV.6805 (Resumption 1) This was the resumption of an open debate to discuss the fifth annual report of the PBC.
12 July 2012 S/PV.6805 The Council held an open debate to discuss the fifth annual report of the PBC.
22 March 2012 S/PV.6739 This was a briefing by Michael von der Schulenburg, who was withdrawn from Sierra Leone on 6 February as the Secretary-General’s Executive Representative for UNIPSIL, and Guillermo Rishchynski, the chairperson of the Sierra Leone country specific configuration.