UN Documents for Peacekeeping: Security Council Meeting Records

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30 April 2021 S/2020/911 This was a letter from the president of the Security Council addressed to the Secretary-General and the permanent representatives of Council member states containing the record of the 14 September 2020 meeting on UN peacekeeping operations.
6 November 2019 S/PV.8661 This was the annual briefing of the heads of UN police components.
9 September 2019 S/PV.8612 This was a debate on peacekeeping reform, which featured a briefing by Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix. Lacroix spoke of the efforts of UN peace operations to help facilitate the pursuit of political solutions, the importance of prioritised and sequenced mandates, and initiatives to improve the safety of peacekeepers.
10 July 2019 S/PV.8570 The Council held a debate on improving triangular cooperation between the Council, the Secretariat, and troop- and police-contributing countries.
18 June 2019 S/PV.8552 This was a briefing by the heads of two military components.
7 May 2019 S/PV.8521 This is a meeting record from the open debate on “Investing in peace: improving safety and performance of United Nations peacekeepers”.
11 April 2019 S/PV.8508 This was an open debate on women in peacekeeping operations.
13 December 2018 S/PV.8420 The Council adopted resolution 2447 on the rule of law, justice and corrections in UN peacekeeping operations.
20 November 2018 S/PV.8407 This was the open debate on strengthening peacekeeping operations in Africa, where Secretary-General António Guterres and Smaïl Chergui, the AU Commissioner for Peace and Security, briefed the Council.
6 November 2018 S/PV.8393 This was a briefing on UN Policing by Alexander Zouev, Assistant Secretary-General for Rule of Law and Security Institutions in the DPKO, civil society briefer Tuesday Reitano, Deputy Director of the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime and the heads of police components of three UN peacekeeping operations.
21 September 2018 S/PV.8360 The Council voted for the adoption of resolution 2436 on peacekeeping performance.
12 September 2018 S/PV.8349 This was a Council debate on peacekeeping reform.
14 May 2018 S/PV.8253 This was the meeting at which the Council adopted a presidential statement on peacekeeping operations.
9 May 2018 S/PV.8251 This was a briefing by the heads of three military components (MINUSMA, UNAMID and UNMISS).
28 March 2018 S/PV.8218 The Council held an open debate on peacekeeping, chaired by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte.