UN Documents for Afghanistan: Security Council Letters

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24 December 2002 S/2002/1416 This letter transmitted the signed Kabul Declaration on Good-Neighbourly Relations.
5 December 2001 S/2001/1154 This was the letter transmitting the Bonn Agreement, which established the Interim Authority after the fall of the Taliban.
4 October 2001 S/2001/937 The Council took note with appreciation of the Secretary-General's reappointment of Lakhdar Brahimi as his Special Representative for Afghanistan.
4 October 1999 S/1999/1021 This letter transmitted a summary of the indictment returned against Usama bin Laden and Muhammad Atef in United States Federal Court, Southern District New York, on 4 November 1998.
22 June 1999 S/1999/812 This letter includes the Tashkent Declaration publicly committed members of the "six-plus-two" group not to provide military support to any Afghan party and to prevent the use of their respective territories for such purposes.
22 April 1983 S/19835 This was a letter from the Secretary-General to the Council that called for the UNGOMAP deployment of a military force to observe the implementation of the peace treaty. Its Annex contains the text of the Geneva Accords.