UN Documents for Georgia: Security Council Letters

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13 September 2006 S/2006/739 This was a letter from Georgia to the president of the Security Council on the situation in upper Abkhazia and the upper Kodori Gorge, urging the resumption of UN monitoring in the upper Kodori Gorge, suspended three years earlier.
26 July 2006 S/2006/576 This was a letter from Georgia explaining developments in the Kodori Gorge.
26 July 2006 S/2006/577 This was a letter from Georgia explaining that its Kodori Gorge operation was not in violation of the ceasefire agreement.
19 July 2006 S/2006/555 This was a letter detailing the Russian reaction to the Georgian parliament's decision on peacekeeping forces in conflict zones.
14 July 2006 S/2006/539 This was a letter from the Secretary-General informing the Council of his intention to appoint Jean Arnault as his Special Representative for Georgia.
24 May 2006 S/2006/364 This contained the latest GUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova) declarations and communiqué.
13 January 2006 S/2006/19 This was a Secretary-General's report.
17 May 1994 S/1994/583 This letter contained the Moscow Ceasefire Agreement.
5 April 1994 S/1994/397 This contained the declaration on measures for the settlement of the conflict and the quadripartite agreement.
13 January 1994 S/1994/32 This contained a communiqué from the parties detailing their acceptance of the deployment of peacekeepers with a Russian contingent.