UN Documents for Conflict Prevention and Mediation: Security Council Letters

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2 February 2011 S/2011/50 This was a concept note from Brazil to prepare for the open debate on the subject of “Maintenance of international peace and security: the interdependence between security and development”.
1 September 2010 S/2010/461 This contained a concept note from Turkey for the Security Council summit on "Ensuring the Security Council's effective role in maintaining international peace and security".
9 July 2010 S/2010/371 This letter transmitted the concept paper for the open debate on “Optimising the Use of Preventive Diplomacy Tools: Prospects and Challenges in Africa”.
19 May 2010 S/2010/248 This was the concept paper for the 26 May debate on Intercultural Dialogue for Peace and Security.
14 August 2007 S/2007/496 This was the letter from Congo containing the terms of reference for the open debate on 28 August on conflict prevention and resolution, especially in Africa.