UN Documents for Authorisations to Use Force: Security Council Letters

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14 August 2006 S/2006/651 This was a Timorese letter consenting to the deployment of proposed UN police.
4 August 2006 S/2006/620 This was a Timorese letter requesting, inter alia, that the military component be under UN command and control.
12 April 2006 S/2006/219 This was the request for authorisation for the EU mission.
31 March 2006 S/2006/207 This was a letter from the Netherlands to the President of the Security Council indicating the willingness of the Netherlands to host the Special Court for Sierra Leone for the trial of Charles Taylor.
21 October 2005 S/2005/667 This was a letter from the Tripartite Plus One Joint Commission.
27 June 1997 S/1997/499 This letter transmitted an ECOWAS communiqué in connection with the conflict in Sierra Leone.
22 March 1968 S/8495 This was a letter from the Soviet Union on resolution 242