UN Documents for Cyprus: Secretary-General's Reports

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8 December 1967 S/8286 This report recommended enlarging the mandate of UNFICYP so as to include supervision of disarmament and arrangements to safeguard internal security.
26 March 1965 S/6253 This report laid down the first observations on the future course of mediation
10 September 1964 S/5950 This report recognised that the presence of UNFICYP in Cyprus was a major factor in bringing the fighting in some areas to an end, and in preventing some incidents from escalating. The report also pointed out that a “return to normal conditions" as mentioned in Council resolution 186 does not mean, as the Turkish Cypriots believe, a complete restoration of the constitutional situation in Cyprus as it was before the fighting broke out in December 1963.
15 June 1964 S/5764 This was the first UNFICYP report noting that preventing the recurrence of fighting had been accomplished.