UN Documents for Cyprus: Secretary-General's Reports

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30 March 1993 S/25492 This report warned that as a result of reductions by troop contributors in the size of their contingents, UNFICYP’s strength had been reduced from 2,141 in May 1992 to 1,513 in March 1993, and additional reductions would make UNFICYP unviable.
3 April 1992 S/23780 This report outlined the “Set of Ideas on an overall framework agreement on Cyprus”.
8 March 1990 S/21183 This report recognised and defined the concept of political equality.
11 June 1986 S/18102/Add.1 This report contained the Draft Framework Agreement.
31 May 1979 S/13369 This report contained the agreement reached between the two leaders on 18 and 19 May 1979.
30 April 1977 S/12323 This report contained the 12 February agreement between the two leaders.
8 December 1967 S/8286 This report recommended enlarging the mandate of UNFICYP so as to include supervision of disarmament and arrangements to safeguard internal security.
26 March 1965 S/6253 This report laid down the first observations on the future course of mediation
10 September 1964 S/5950 This report recognised that the presence of UNFICYP in Cyprus was a major factor in bringing the fighting in some areas to an end, and in preventing some incidents from escalating. The report also pointed out that a “return to normal conditions" as mentioned in Council resolution 186 does not mean, as the Turkish Cypriots believe, a complete restoration of the constitutional situation in Cyprus as it was before the fighting broke out in December 1963.
15 June 1964 S/5764 This was the first UNFICYP report noting that preventing the recurrence of fighting had been accomplished.