UN Secretary-General's Reports

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31 July 2019 S/2019/612 This was the ninth strategic-level report of the Secretary-General on the threat posed by ISIL (Da’esh) to international peace and security and the range of United Nations efforts in countering the threat.
17 July 2019 S/2019/574 This was a report on implementation of resolution 1701.
9 July 2019 S/2019/563 This report covers the time period between 1 March - 9 July 2019, including efforts to transition from a peacekeeping mission to a special political mission.
5 July 2019 S/2019/549 This was on developments in West Africa and the Sahel, and the activities of UNOWAS in the first half of 2019.
26 June 2019 S/2019/530 This was the report on the UN Verification Mission in Colombia.
20 June 2019 S/2019/498 This was the Secretary-General's report on MINUSCA.
20 June 2019 S/2019/509 This was the annual report on children and armed conflict.
19 June 2019 S/2019/508 This was the bi-monthly report on the humanitarian situation in Syria.
14 June 2019 S/2019/491 This was the Secretary-General's 90-day report on South Sudan.
14 June 2019 S/2019/493 This was the latest report on Afghanistan.
6 June 2019 S/2019/467 This was Secretary-General's report on UNDOF.
3 June 2019 S/2019/453 This was the Secretary-General's report on children and armed conflict in Yemen.
3 June 2019 S/2019/461 This was the report on UNMIK.
31 May 2019 S/2019/454 This was the Secretary-General's report on Mali.
30 May 2019 S/2019/448 This was a Secretary-General's report on peacebuilding and sustaining peace, submitted pursuant to General Assembly resolution 72/276 and Security Council resolution 2413.