UN Documents for Post-Conflict Stabilisation, including DDR and SSR: Secretary-General's Reports

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15 March 2022 S/2022/280 This was a report from the Secretary-General on "Strengthening security sector reform."
21 June 2018 S/2018/623 This was the Secretary-General's report on the implementation of resolution 2365 on mine action.
13 August 2013 S/2013/480 This was the Secretary-General's report "Securing States and societies: strengthening the United Nations comprehensive support to security sector reform".
18 February 2011 S/2011/85 This was from the Secretary-General transmitting the report of the independent review on civilian capacity in the aftermath of conflict.
23 January 2008 S/2008/39 This was a report from the Secretary-General on "Securing peace and development: the role of the United Nations in supporting security sector reform".
23 August 2004 S/2004/616 This was the Secretary-General’s report on the rule of law in conflict and post-conflict societies.
11 February 2000 S/2000/101 This was on the role of the UN in DDR that included small arms and light weaponry among the primary targets of DDR operations, and highlighted the importance of tracing small arms and combating the illicit trade in small arms.