UN Documents for Yemen: Sanctions Committee Documents

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27 August 2015 SC/12026 The 2140 Yemen Sanctions Committee was briefed by the Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Yemen Crisis, Amer Daoudi, on the establishment of a verification and inspection mechanism to increase the flow of commercial goods to Yemen.
2 April 2015 S/2015/237 This was a letter from the Secretary-General appointing the Yemen Panel of Experts.
20 February 2015 S/2015/125 This was the final report of the 2140 Yemen Panel of Experts.
7 November 2014 SC/11636 This press statement announced assets freezes and travel ban measures against former president Saleh and two Houthi military commanders.
16 September 2014 SC/11564 This press statement issued by the 2140 Yemen Sanctions Committee encouraged the Panel of Experts to develop case studies on individuals or entities threatening Yemen's peace, security or stability.
2 July 2014 S/2014/465 Through this letter, the Secretary-General appointed Mohammad Sbaiti (Lebanon) to serve on the Panel of Experts of the 2140 Sanctions Committee.