UN Peacebuilding Commission Documents

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29 January 2019 S/2019/88 This was the report of the Peacebuilding Commission on its 12th session.
31 January 2018 S/2018/83 This was on the PBC's 11th session.
27 January 2017 S/2017/76 This was the PBC's tenth annual report.
4 February 2016 S/2016/115 This was the annual report of the PBC on its ninth session in 2015.
29 June 2015 S/2015/490 This was the report of the Advisory Group of Experts on the Peacebuilding Architecture.
11 March 2015 S/2015/174 This was the PBC's eighth annual report.
29 January 2014 S/2014/67 This was the PBC’s seventh annual report.
26 September 2013 PBC/7/OC/3 This was a PBC declaration on women's economic empowerment for post conflict recovery.
29 January 2013 S/2013/63 This was the sixth annual PBC report.
13 March 2012 PBC/6/LBR/1 This was the review of progress in the implementation of the statement of mutual commitments on peacebuilding in Liberia.
30 January 2012 S/2012/70 This was the PBC’s fifth annual report.
28 October 2011 PBC/5/CAF/L.1 This contained the draft conclusions and recommendations of the second biannual review of the strategic framework for peacebuilding in CAR.
6 April 2011 PBC/5/BDI/L.1 This was the draft outcome of the fifth review of the implementation of the Strategic Framework for Peacebuilding in Burundi.
28 January 2011 S/2011/41 This was the fourth annual report of the Peacebuilding Commission.
29 October 2010 PBC/4/LBR/L.1 This was a draft statement of mutual commitments on peacebuilding in Liberia, published by the Liberia configuration of the Peacebuilding Commission.