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19 November 2008 GOV/2008/59 This was a report on implementation in Iran of safeguards and relevant Council resolutions.
9 July 2008 GOV/2008/30 This was the agreement between India and the IAEA for the application of safeguards to civilian nuclear activities in India.
30 August 2004 GOV/2004/59 This was a IAEA report on the implementation of the NPT safeguards agreement of Libya.
10 March 2004 GOV/2004/18 This resolution welcomed the Libyan decision to eliminate all materials leading to the production of nuclear weapons and reported the matter to the Council “for information purposes only.”
20 February 2004 GOV/2004/12 This report found that Libya had imported nuclear material from a number of countries, including China and Pakistan, and conducted a wide range of nuclear activities
26 August 2003 GOV/2003/63 This report found that Iran had embarked on an extensive nuclear enrichment programme in the 1980s without declaring it to the IAEA, and found the presence in Iran of high enriched uranium.
6 June 2003 GOV/2003/40 This report found Iran in violation of its safeguards agreement.
12 February 2003 GOV/2003/14 This was a IAEA report on the implementation of the NPT safeguards agreement between the agency and DPRK.
1 September 1997 INFCIRC/540 (corr.) This is the model protocol additional to the agreement(s) between state(s) and the IAEA for the application of safeguards.
21 October 1994 INFCIRC/457 This was the agreed framework between the US and the DPRK.
1 April 1993 GOV/2645 This report found the DPRK in violation of its safeguards obligations and referred the matter to the Council.
18 July 1991 GOV/2531 This draft resolution expressed grave concern about the evident deception and obstruction of IAEA inspectors in Iraq and transmitted those conclusions to the Council.
12 June 1981 S/14532 This resolution condemned Israel for the “unjustified attack” on Iraq’s Osirak reactor, reaffirmed that the Agency’s safeguards system was the only reliable means of verifying peaceful use of nuclear facilities, and requested the Director-General to submit this resolution to the Security Council.