UN Documents for Golan (Israel/Syria): Human Rights Council Documents

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23 March 2018 A/HRC/RES/37/33 This was a resolution on the situation of human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan.
22 March 2012 A/HRC/RES/19/14 The resolution included a call on Israel to desist from its continuous building of settlements and imposing Israeli citizenship on Syrian citizens and to allow the Syrian population of the occupied Syrian Golan to visit their families.
23 November 2011 A/HRC/S-17/2/Add.1 This was the report of the commission of inquiry as requested in August.
23 August 2011 A/HRC/S-17/1 This resolution requested an independent international commission of inquiry to investigate all alleged violations of international human rights law since March 2011.
24 March 2010 A/HRC/RES/13/5 This was the Human Rights Council resolution calling on Israel to allow the Syrian population in the occupied Golan to visit Syria.