UN Documents for Appointment of the Secretary-General: General Assembly Documents

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11 September 2015 A/RES/69/321 This was a General Assembly resolution on the revitalisation of the General Assembly.
8 April 2010 A/65/71 The Secretary-General transmitted the report "Selection and conditions of service of Executive Heads in the United Nations system organizations."
13 October 2006 A/RES/61/3 This resolution was on the appointment of Ban Ki-moon as Secretary-General.
8 September 2006 A/RES/60/286 The resolution 'Revitalization of the General Assembly ' included a cluster on the selection of the Secretary-General.
5 September 2006 A/60/999 This was the 'Report of the ad hoc working group on the revitalization of the General Assembly' within the role of the General Assembly in the selection of the Secretary-General is described.
8 May 2006 A/RES/60/260 This resolution was on investing in the United Nations: for a stronger Organization worldwide.
29 June 2001 A/RES/55/277 This resolution renewed the appointment of Kofi Annan.
27 June 2001 A/55/999 This was a letter from the President of the Council to the President of the General Assembly on the appointment of Kofi Annan.
19 December 1997 A/RES/52/12B This resolution established the post of Deputy Secretary-General.
7 October 1997 A/RES/51/950/Add.1 This was the addendum of the report of the Secretary-General on the establishment of the post of deputy Secretary-General.
31 July 1997 A/RES/51/241 This resolution adopted decisions on strengthening the UN system.
14 July 1997 A/RES/51/950 This was a report of the Secretary-General 'Renewing the UN: a program for reform."
23 July 1996 A/50/24 This was the report of the working group on the strengthening of the UN system
23 September 1994 A/RES/49/252 This resolution established working group on the strengthening of the UN system.
8 December 1976 A/RES/31/60 This resolution renewed appointment of Kurt Waldheim.