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Trump administration insists UN sanctions on Iran are restored: No, they’re not, United Nations says
19 September 2020, Kim Hjelmgaard and Deirdre Shesgreen, USA TODAY

The Challenges of a New UN Security Council Resolution on Foreign Fighters
17 August 2020, Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Just Security

What to Watch to Understand the Sino-Iranian Relationship
13 August 2020, Colin P. Clarke and Mollie Saltskog, Lawfare

To influence global decisions, African states on the council must strive to present unified positions.
22 June 2020, Gustavo De Carvalho, Institute for Security Studies

Yemen crisis: Why is there a war?
20 June 2020, BBC

Oxford Statement on the International Law Protections Against Cyber Operations Targeting the Health Care Sector
21 May 2020, Dapo Akande, Duncan Hollis, Harold Hongju Koh and James O’Brien, EJIL: Talk!

SA must act to spare Africa the brunt of the council’s deficiencies in an uncertain world.
16 April 2020, Priyal Singh, Institute for Security Studies

After months-long delay, UN Security Council to discuss coronavirus today
9 April 2020, The New Indian Express

The Dominican Republic’s Hope for April: Smooth Sailing
2 April 2020, Stéphanie Fillion, PassBlue

COVID-19: The AU must adapt, not wait. It’s needed now more than ever.
1 April 2020, Cedric De Coning, African Arguments

Counterterrorism and Humanitarian Action: Will 2020 Be a Turning Point for International Humanitarian Law at the United Nations?
31 March 2020, Dustin Lewis and Naz Modirzadeh, Lawfare

The UNSC: An Outdated System facing a Modern Crisis?
27 March 2020, Dorine Nauleau, Leiden Law Blog

UNSC won’t discuss Covid-19; China blocks it with help from Russia, South Africa
27 March 2020, Shishir Gupta, Hindustan Times

U.N. Security Council Paralyzed as Contagion Rages
27 March 2020, Column Lynch, Foreign Policy

Suspected military supplies pour into Libya as UN flounders
11 March 2020, Jason Burke and Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

UNSC Resolution on Yemen Sanctions Failed to Address Russia’s Concerns – Diplomat
26 February 2020, Sputnik International

Israel cannot escape all of international law all of the time
11 February 2020, Noha Aboueldahab, Al Jazeera


Top 10 World Changing Negotiations for 2020
29 December 2019, Jack Nasher, Forbes

Is the DRC ready for peacekeepers to leave by 2022?
29 November 2019, Mats Berdal, The African Report

SA ends its first big act on the UN Security Council
29 October 2019, Gustavo de Carvalho and Priyal Singh, Institute for Security Studies

The Afghanistan war has lasted for 18 years. Here’s 1 image from every year of America’s longest war.
7 October 2019, Ellen Loanes, Business Insider

Key Global Events to Watch in October
1 October 2019, The Global Observatory

South Africa proves its mettle on the UN Security Council
22 July 2019, Gustavo de Carvalho, Institute for Security Studies

U.N. Security Council Resolution on Protecting People With Disabilities in Armed Conflict
12 July 2019, Paras Shah, Lawfare

How Can the Security Council Engage on Climate Change, Peace, and Security
20 June 2019, Jake Sherman, IPI Global Observatory

Kosovo and Serbia: Session of the UN Security Council on the 20th birthday of Resolution 1244
10 June 2019, BBC

How do you reduce sexual and gender violence in conflict? Consider these five key issues
22 May 2019, Chen Reis and Marie E. Berry, Washington Post

The month in women, peace and security: April 2019
13 May 2019, Genevieve Feely, Luke Courtois, Rhys De Wilde and Mali Walker, The Strategist

Can John Bolton Thaw Western Sahara’s Long-Frozen Conflict?
9 May 2019, R. Joseph Huddleston, Foreign Policy

Open debate to tap ways to improve safety, performance of UN peacekeepers
7 May 2019, Xinhua

Sexual Violence is rife in war zones. We must take action.
22 April 2019, Heiko Maas and Angelina Jolie, Washington Post

El coronavirus llega al Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU
17 April 2020, María Cristina Rosas, etcetera

Summary of UN Security Council Resolution 2462 on Counter Terrorist Financing
15 April 2020, Charity & Security Network

Benefits of Paring Down Peacekeeping Mandates Also Come with Risks
15 March 2019, Alex J. Bellamy and Charles T. Hunt, IPI Global Observatory

President worried about drug trade as Guinea-Bissau votes
10 March 2019, Lorraine Mallinder, Al Jazeera

Is the U.N. Security Council Marginalizing Itself Over Peacekeeping?
25 February 2019, Richard Gowan, World Politics Review

Are Mercenaries Friends or Foes of African Governments and the UN
7 February 2019, Arthur Boutellis, IPI Global Observatory

Security Council Debates how Climate Disasters Threaten International Peace and Security
4 February 2019, Stella Schaller and Benjamin Pohl, New Security Beat

France pushes for easing of UN arms embargo against CAR
1 February 2019, RFI

Time for the U.N. secretary general to open his own Khashoggi investigation
14 January 2019, Steven Ratner, Washington Post

SCR featured on The Dag Hammarskjöld Library site


What does the Stockholm agreement mean for Yemen?
21 December 2018, Peter Salsbury, Washington Post

In Peace and in War Gender Equality Is Everyone’s Battle
13 December 2018, Adam Lupel and Sarah Taylor, IPI Global Observatory

South Africa Co-Hosts Elected Members of the UN Security Council to Prepare for Start of Two-Year Term as Non-Voting Member
14 November 2018, Namibia Economist

These photos show 17 years of the US-led ‘Forever War’ in Afghanistan as the conflict becomes deadlier than ever
27 October 2018, Caitlin Foster, Business Insider

Why Cash and Connections Remain Somalia’s Most Popular Currencies
22 October 2018, Abukar Arman, The Globe Post

To make a difference globally and on the Security Council, details are needed about goals, positions and approaches.
4 October 2018, Gustavo De Carvalho, Institute for Security Studies

Far from Optimal Progress in Women’s Meaningful Participation in Peace Processes
30 September 2018, Jeanette Richter, UN Insider

The United Nations braces for Donald Trump’s second appearance – and he should prepare for blowback
19 September 2018, Stewart Patrick, Business Insider

Peacekeeping Budget Approval and Cuts Leave Fundamental Questions Unaddressed
14 September 2018, Fred Carver, IPI Global Observatory

Reading list for “Geopolitics, Human Rights, and the Future of Statecraft”, Harvard Law course
7 September 2018, tweet by Samantha Power

Tomorrow’s Security Council debate on mediation is a good opportunity to bolster joint UN-AU efforts.
28 August 2018, Dawit Yohannes and Meressa K Dessu, Institute for Security Studies

Support to Central African Republic’s Armed Forces Missing Peace Perspective
24 August 2018, Archibald Henry, IPI Global Observatory

Sahel Women Have the Potential to Solve Food Insecurity in the Region
20 August 2018, Renee Coulouris, Diplomatic Courier

Five Frequently Asked Questions on the Inclusion of Women in the Peace Processes
6 August 2018, Sarah Taylor, IPI Global Observatory

UNSC Meeting on Women, Peace and Security in the Sahel Region
30 July 2018, Patrick Liu, PEAC

UNSC to debate on “Protection of Children in Armed Conflicts” today
9 July 2018, Radio Pakistan

UN to hold high-level debate on children protection in armed conflict
8 July 2018, Times Now

What’s in Blue: Yemen Consultations
4 July 2018, Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen

Climate change is a security threat – so where is the UN Security Council?
15 May 2018, The Conversation

UN Security Council makes ‘historic’ warning on climate threat to Somalia
28 March 2018, Zak Derler, Climate Home News

UN Security Council makes ‘historic’ warning on climate threat to Somalia
28 March 2018, Zak Derler, Climate Home News

How Stormy Was It? The First Year of Trump, Haley and Guterres at the UN
28 January 2018, Fred Carver, Pass Blue

Polish President to address UN Security Council
18 January 2018, Radio Poland

Should Britain’s Matthew Rycroft take the blame for UN failure in Yemen and Myanmar?
16 January 2018, Peter Oborne, Middle East Eye

Women, peace, and security in the work of the UN Security Council
UN Women

Voting in the Security Council
The Dag Hammarskjöld Library


Peacekeeping under Trump could be difficult with less resources
18 September 2017, Lauren Spink, The Hill

Trump Travel Ban Threatens to Silence Voices on Atrocities at U.N.
8 February 2017, Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy

Defeat of American diplomacy seen in ‘South Sudan Sanctions Resolution’
12 January 2017, Suzuki, Kazuto, Foresight

Ce que nous enseigne la dernière résolution de l’Onu sur le conflit israélo-palestinien
2 January 2017, Nicolas Boeglin, Le Huffington Post


U.S. Abstains From U.N. Vote Condemning Israeli Settlements
23 December 2016, Colum Lynch, Robbie Gramer, and Emily Tamkin, Foreign Policy

Trump Pressures Obama Over U.N. Resolution on Israeli Settlements
22 December 2016, Peter Baker and Somini Sengupta, New York Times

Mass atrocities feared in South Sudan as ethnic violence is stoked by hunger
18 December 2016, Ben Quinn, The Guardian

Libya’s Breakdown
9 December 2016, Tarek El-Tablwy, Bloomberg

South Sudan could repeat Rwanda’s horrors
8 December 2016, Editorial Board, Washington Post

Why Cash and Connections Remain Somalia’s Most Popular Currencies
22 October 2018, Abukar Arman, The Globe Post

Is the UN About to Enter the Era of Chinese and Russian Dominance?
12 October 2016, Andrew Witthoeft, The Diplomat

The power of the veto: How the rules of the UN Security Council let some countries get away with murder
22 September 2016, Richard Harman, New Zealand Listener

How (not) to pick the UN secretary-general
22 September 2016, Benjamin Oreskes and Ryan Heath, Politico

The 2016 UN secretary-general race: A timeline of events
16 September 2016, Jenny Lei Ravelo, Devex

Here’s what you need to know about today’s straw poll to pick the next UN Secretary General
9 September 2016, Mark Leon Goldberg, UN Dispatch

The Security Council holds yet another poll to decide who will become the next Secretary-General
29 August 2016, Mark Leon Goldberg, UN Dispatch

A Congressman Campaigns to “Stop the Madness” 
22 August 2016, Ben Norton, The Intercept

South Sudan Parallels the U.S. in Heartbreaking But Hopeful Ways
14 July 2016, Jerry Farrell, Time Magazine

Earth Day 2016: 6 things to know about climate change
21 April 2016, Linda Qui, Politifact

Will Yemen’s latest round of negotiations reflect learning from past failures?
18 April 2016, Zaid Al-Ali and Helen Lackner, Washington Post

Can a New Peacekeeping Force Stabilize South Sudan?
12 August 2016, Mark Leon Goldberg, UN Dispatch

Five factors to watch in Rudd’s UN chief gambit
18 July 2016, The Interpreter, Lowy Institute for International Policy

UN debate: Candidates for top job debate on live TV
13 July 2016, Al Jazeera

Italy, Netherlands propose split U.N. Security Council seat for 2017-18
28 June 2016, Michelle Nichols, Reuters

Applying the HIPPO Recommendations to Mali: Toward Strategic, Prioritized,and Sequenced Mandates, May 2016, IPI (paper published after a workshop co-organized by IPI, Security Council Report, and the Stimson Center)

UN Security Council coming to Kenya to press Uhuru on refugees, 18 May 2016, Kevin J. Kelley, Daily Nation/All Africa

How Morocco’s Allies Aborted All Attempts to Get Security Council’s Support for Ban Ki-moon
28 March 2016, Adnane Bennis, Morocco World News

U.N. Security Council Should Make Better Use of ‘Road-Trip Diplomacy’
21 March 2016, Jim Della-Giacoma, World Politics Review

Trudeau announces Canadian bid for UN’s Security Council seat
16 March 2016, Alexander Panetta, Toronto Sun

The African Union: Which way forward?
11 February 2016, John Mukum Mbaku, Brookings

United Nations tries transparency in finding new secretary general
25 January 2016, Melissa Kent, CBC News

These are the wars that will rage in Africa in 2016
18 January 2016, Peter Dorrie, The Week


China, Russia fail to stop U.N. meeting on rights in North Korea
10 December 2015, Michelle Nichols, Reuters

The Constructive Ambiguity of the Security Council’s ISIS Resolution
21 November 2015, Dapo Akande & Marko Milanovic, EJIL: Talk!

Calls Grow at U.N. for Security Council to Do Its Job: Keep the Peace
23 October, 2015, Somini Sengupta, New York Times

Preventing Conflict, Transforming Justice, Securing the Peace: A Global Study on the implementation of resolution 1325
October 2015, UN Women (chapter by SCR staff on women, peace and security and the UN Security Council)

The UN Security Council in the 21st Century
October 2015,  editors Sebastian von Einsiedel, David M. Malone, and Bruno Stagno Ugarte, Lynne Rienner Publishers (chapters by SCR staff on Syria, Human Rights and International Courts and Tribunals)

UN Report: China Sold $20 Million in Arms and Ammunition to South Sudan
27 August 2015, Shannon Tiezzi, The Diplomat

In Global Hot Spots, Mitigating Conflict May Be Best U.N. Can Do
10 August 2015, Richard Gowan, World Politics Review

UN Security Council Set to Vote on Resolution Assigning Blame for Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria, 7 August 2015, RtoP Weekly, International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect

New Zealand Security Council presidency about small victories
1 August 2015, Tracy Watkins, Fairfax Media

The Field Mission that Wasn’t
21 July 2015, ISS Peace and Security Council Report

Congress Relegated to Catch-Up Role After UN Approves Iran Deal
19 July 2015, Evelyn Leopold, The Huffington Post

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
27 March 2015, Zachary Laub and Jonathan Masters,

At U.N., Russia is Now the Indespensable Nation
2 March 2015, Richard Gowan, World Politics Review

UN and DRC forces prepare for war
16 January 2015, Caroline Hellyer, Al Jazeera

Security Council Vote Legitimizes Israeli Occupation
5 January 2015, Daoud Kuttab, Huffington Post


The United Nations Security Council in the Age of Human Rights
2014, editors Jared Genser and Bruno Stagno Ugarte, Cambridge University Press (chapters by SCR staff on Children and Armed Conflict and Darfur)

UN Mulls Replacing Golan Heights Peacekeepers with Drones
23 October 2014, i24News, Defense and Diplomacy

Malaysia Vying for UN Security Council Seat
16 October 2014, Channel NewsAsia

UNGA Votes Angola, Malaysia, Venezuela, New Zealand, Spain Non-Permenenat Members of SC
16 October 2014,  Kuwait News Agency

Obama takes fight against ISIL to the UN
24 September 2014, James Reinl, Al Jazeera

Burundi Vows Political Freedom for 2015 Elections Amid Criticism
31 July 2014, by Desire Nimubona, Bloomberg

New Cold War on the UN Stage and Closing Curtain on ‘We the People’
24 July 2014, by Muhamed Sacerbey, Huffington Post

New UN Resolution to Expand Humanitarian Aid in Syria
14 July 2014, by Priyanka Boghani, PBS

Launch of SCR’s Special Research Report: A Tale of Two Councils
16 May 2014, A panel discussion sponsored by Switzerland at the United Nations

In Dealings on Syria, Security Council Exposes Its Failings
8 May 2014, by Somini Sengupta, New York Times

Darfur, the genocide America forgot
18 April 2014, Akshaya Kumar, Al Jazeera

Sanctions Implementation and the UN Security Council: The Case for Greater Transparency
2 April 2014, Astrid Forberg Ryan, Joint Publication of SCR and IPI

United Nations Sanctions on Iran and North Korea: An Implementation Manual
1 April 2014, Enrico Carisch and Loraine Rickard-Martin, Joint Publication of SCR and IPI

Syria, Russia and What Can Be Done: Some Questions for Bob Dreyfuss
24 February 2014, Danny Postel, The Nation

Syria’s Polio Epidemic: The Suppressed Truth
20 February 2014, Annie Sparrow, The New York Review of Books


Jordan assumes U.N. Security Council chair as conflicts persist
31 December 2013, by Louis Charbonneau, Reuters

The best option to settle the CAR crisis?
5 December 2013, Solomon Dersso, Al Jazeera

Understanding the Deal With Iran
24 November 2013, by Sergio Peçanha, New York Times

The place where politics and law collide: the Appeals Chamber’s decision on Ruto’s motion for excusal from trial
14 November 2013, Leah Campbell, International Justice Monitor

Kosovo’s long goodbye to the status quo
4 November 2013, Idro Seferi, Al Jazeera

The Security Council’s non-meeting on climate change
14 February 2013, by David Bosco, The Multilateralist in Foreign Policy


Sierra Leone’s Election, Proving the Nation’s Resilience
23 November 2012, Dulcie Leimbach, PassBlue

In the Gaza standoff, Russians suddenly have the upper hand
21 November 2012, by Mark Leon Goldberg, The Globe and Mail

The Western Sahara: forgotten first source of the Arab Spring
17 April 2012, Carne Ross, The Guardian


The Security Council prepares to kick the Palestine can
9 November 2011, by David Bosco, The Multilateralist in Foreign Policy

US official: ‘The Syrian people deserve more from the Security Council’
3 October 2011, by David Bosco, The Multilateralist in Foreign Policy

Why is the U.N. silent on Iran’s nuclear program?
29 September 2011, by Colum Lynch, Turtle Bay: Reporting From Inside the United Nations, Foreign Policy

Steps in the Palestinian Bid for U.N. Membership
23 September 2011, by Sergio Peçanha, New York Times

Colin Keating on the G20 and the United Nations
GIGI’s conference, “The New Geometry of Global Summitry: The Future of the G20 (and the G8)”

Push in U.N. for Criticism of Syria is Rejected
27 April 2011, NY Times

Did UN Forces take sides in Ivory Coast?
7 April 2011, BBC News

Is Libyan oil-for-food program on the way?
23 March 2011, by Colum Lynch, Turtle Bay: Reporting From Inside the United Nations, Foreign Policy

On Ivory Coast Diplomacy, South Africa goes its own way
23 February 2011, by Colum Lynch, Turtle Bay: Reporting From Inside the United Nations, Foreign Policy

Palestinian bid to take Israeli settlement row to UN
18 January 2011, BBC News


In the Dock? But for What: Enthusiasm is Flagging for Spectacular Trials to Punish War Crimes and Human-Rights Abuses
25 November 2010, The Economist

UN Security Council Adds Emerging Powers; Canada Causes a Stir
13 October 2010, by Evelyn Leopold, The Huffington Post

Sub-Saharan Africa’s big two on Security Council for the first time
12 October 2010, UN Radio

Germany and Portugal win Security Council Seats
12 October 2010, by Edith M. Lederer, The Associated Press

The U.N. Security Council just got a lot more complicated for the Obama Administration
12 October 2010, by Colum Lynch, Turtle Bay: Reporting From Inside the United Nations, Foreign Policy

The U.N. Security Council’s great disappearing act
25 August 2010, by Colum Lynch, Turtle Bay: Reporting From Inside the United Nations, Foreign Policy

UN Response to the Darfur Crisis
March 2010, by Joanna Weschler (commissioned by FRIDE as part of its project titled “The Gap between Narratives and Practices. Darfur: Responses from the Arab world”)

The United Nations Security Council: Can an Elected Member like Canada Hope to Make an Impact?
22 February 2010, Address at the Centre for International Policy Studies, University of Ottawa

Canada eyes seat at UN’s big table
20 February 2010 by Olivia Ward, The Star

Not just a global popularity contest: Liveblogging Colin Keating on the implications of UN Security Council membership for Canada
19 February 2010, CBC News

The United Nations Security Council Today: Implications for Canada’s Membership
19 February 2010, International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada


The Evolution of Security Council Innovations in Sanctions
Winter 2009 – 2010, by Joanna Weschler, published in International Journal, Canada

Australia’s bid for Election to the UN Security Council: Risks and Opportunities
7 October 2009, Event at the Lowy Institute for International Policy, Sydney

Australia’s bid for Election to the United Nations Security Council: What will it mean and what are the Options?
6 October 2009, Lecture at Australia National University Asia Pacific College of Diplomacy, Canberra

Australia’s bid for a seat on the UN Security Council
3 October 2009, ABC Radio National, Australia

Swiss Prompted to Play Greater Role in UN Reform
3 May 2009, SwissInfo

Vietnam’s role in UN Security Council praised
12 March 2009, KOTRA

Vietnam shows its professionalism at UNSC
11 March 2009, Look at Vietnam

‘Aggressive’ Bid to Score Security Council Seat Underway
4 March 2009 by Michelle Collins, Embassy

Ambassador Colin Keating Interviewed by Jonathan Fanton
4 February, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Multimedia Library


A U.N. Charm Offensive Topped Off by Dessert
12 October 2008 by Neil MacFarquhar, NY Times

At UN, Bush Urges Global Cooperation
24 September by Farah Stockman in the Boston Globe

Ban Ki-moon, The Invisible Man
9 September by John Carlin in El Pais • English translation

A New Ice Age? The West’s Weak Response to Russian Agression is Triggering Concerns about a New Cold War
18 August 2008 by Andrew Bast in Newsweek

The United Nations Security Council: Options for Small States
16 June 2008 Address by Colin Keating, Executive Director of Security Council Report, to the Small States Conference at the Centre for Small State Studies, University of Iceland • Video

Myanmar Crisis
April 2008 Catherine Ryan of Radio New Zealand interviews Colin Keating, Executive Director of Security Council Report

Global Responsibility to Protect
April 2008 Announcement of Editorial Board position at Global Responsiblity to Protect Journal for Colin Keating, Executive Director of Security Council Report

The Future of the United Nations Security Council
February 2008 Public Lecture by Colin Keating to Asia-Pacific College of Diplomacy, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Iran sanctions vote at U.N. seen weeks away
28 January 2008 Louis Charbonneau, Reuters


Ban in first year struggles to raise UN profile
30 December 2007 by Patrick Worsnip in Reuters

“Just and Favorable: Decent Work as a Human Right in the Age of Globalization”
December 2007 A panel discussion as part of the “New Human Rights Dialogue” series sponsored by OHCHR, UN DPI, the Mission of Chile and the NGO Committee on Human Rights to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Panelists include Joanna Weschler, Director of Research at Security Council Report and Board members Edward Luck and John McNee.

Why is Kofi Annan not a Woman
August 2007 A documentary on gender and leadership at the UN

The United Nations Security Council: From Rwanda to Darfur, Lessons Not Learned
16 May 2007 Address by Ambassador Colin Keating, Executive Director of Security Council Report, to the UN All-Party Parliamentary Group at the UN Association of the United Kingdom

Opening a Window on the Security Council
3 April 2007 by Barbara Crossette, UNA-USA

UN Hariri probe ‘to be extended’
21 March 2007 by Jane O’Brien in BBC News

Multidimensional and Integrated Peace Operations: Trends and Challenges
March 2007 Notes from Colin Keating’s, Executive Director of Security Council Report, presentation to a Beijing seminar organised jointly by the governments of Norway and China • All seminar notes

Chad: Obstacles to Getting Peacekeepers on the Ground
17 February 2007 published by OCHA’s IRINnews.org


The Toughest Job on Earth
8 October 2006 by Ed Luck in the Washington Post

Peacekeeping Grows, Strains UN
17 September 2006 by Colum Lynch in the Washington Post

Chance to make friends—and enemies
7 September 2006 by Jonathan Katzenellenbogen in South Africa’s Business Day

UN Seat Seen to Bestow More than Simply Status
31 August 2006  by Mark Turner in the Financial Times

Security Council may downsize UN Mission in Eritrea-Ethiopia
28 May 2006 in the Sudan Tribune published out of London

Western Sahara: UN Security Council might change tack, think-tank
18 May 2006 published by OCHA’s IRINnews.org

Security Council faces challenge over right to choose Annan’s successor
19 April 2006 by Mark Turner in the Financial Times

We must hear the unheard for a more stable world
6 April 2006 by Carne Ross in the Financial Times

US gets more time to resolve Horn of Africa crisis
8 February 2006 by Evelyn Leopold for Reuters

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