• July 2006

    Update on Sanctions Committees

    Monthly Forecast

    In the month ahead, Council sanctions committees are expected to make progress on some of the recommendations of their expert panels, including the Somalia Monitoring Group, which issued a report on 4 May 2006; the Sudan Panel of Experts, which issued a report on 19 April 2006; the Al-Qaida/Taliban 1267 Sanctions Committee, which is due to send the Monitoring Team its report before the end of July; and the Democratic Republic of Congo Group of Experts.

  • The 1267 Committee (the Al-Qaida/Taliban Sanctions Committee) is actively working on the recommendations submitted in its Monitoring Team's report of 10 March. Proposals for improving the listing and delisting process, which have been under consideration for some time, will continue to be discussed in the committee

  • March 2006

    Sanctions Committees

    Monthly Forecast

    Over the last sixty years, the Council has utilised this power to establish a very wide range of subsidiary bodies, including: committees, working groups, commissions, missions and international tribunals.

  • In December the Chairman of the Sanctions Committee created by resolution 1267 (Al-Qaida/Taliban), submitted two letters to the Security Council (S/2005/760 and S/2005/761).

  • January 2006

    Council Working Group on Sanctions

    Monthly Forecast

    The lack of a settled, generic policy on both the implementation of targeted sanctions and the working methods of the sanctions committees is not surprising given the Council's traditional situation-specific approach to issues. But this approach has not precluded Council members in the past from establishing general principles to guide their approach to issues.