Research Report

The UN Security Council and Climate Change: Tracking the Agenda after the 2021 Veto

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This report seeks to address how the Council has engaged with the climate change, peace and security dossier following the December 2021 veto of a draft resolution on this issue. It examines the thematic meetings that the Council has convened on climate change, peace and security, its efforts to integrate climate change language into country- and region-specific outcomes, and the work of the Informal Expert Group on Climate and Security. The report also provides an update on the activities of two entities—the Group of Friends on Climate and Security and the UN Climate-Security Mechanism—whose efforts complement and support the Council’s work on this file. The main section of the report ends with an analysis of potential Council dynamics on climate change, peace and security in 2023. A brief conclusion offers some overarching observations on the Council’s involvement on this issue.

The report makes the following observations: