August 2011 Monthly Forecast

Posted 29 July 2011
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  • Notable Dates

    Notable dates for August 2011. Read more

  • Status Update

    Status Update of Security Council Activity in July 2011. Read more

  • Aide Memoire

    Important matters pending include: The mandate to the Secretary-General to assist with the delineation of the international borders of Lebanon, especially Sheb’a Farms, in accordance with  resolution 1701, continues to await completion.  The December 2004 report by the Secretary-General on human... Read more

  • Libya

    Council members are expecting the regular monthly briefing on Libya from Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs B. Lynn Pascoe in late August. Read more

  • Peacekeeping

    The Council is expected to have an open debate in late August on peacekeeping. This will be the first thematic peacekeeping debate in 2011. Among the wide range of issues likely to be covered are the relationship between troop and police-contributing (TCCs/PCCs) and UN bodies and the issue of resources for missions. Read more

  • Sudan and South Sudan

    The Council has no previously scheduled meetings on Sudan or South Sudan in August. However, because of developments there members will be following the situation closely and meetings at short notice are possible. Read more

  • DPRK (North Korea)

    In August the Council is expected to receive a briefing from the chair of the DPRK Sanctions Committee. No Council decision was expected at time of writing. Read more

  • Lebanon

    In August the Security Council is expected to extend the UNIFIL mandate for a further year. This is the fifth renewal since the cessation of hostilities between Lebanon and Israel in 2006. Given the increased tension and an uncertain political climate in the region and the recent attacks on UNIFIL it is possible that the resolution will contain elements reflecting these developments. Read more

  • International Criminal Tribunals

    In August the Council is expected to receive the annual reports of the two international criminal tribunals, for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and for Rwanda (ICTR). These reports are usually discussed in the General Assembly in September. Read more

  • Kosovo

    In August the Council is expecting a debate on the situation in Kosovo. Read more

  • UN Office in Central Africa (UNOCA)

    In August, Council members will hold consultations with the special representative of the Secretary-General and head of the UN Regional Office for Central Africa (UNOCA), Abou Moussa. The Council is due to receive the first Secretary-General's report on UNOCA in August. Read more

  • Somalia

    The Council expects in August a briefing on Somalia, to be followed by consultations, from the Secretary-General's Special Representative for Somalia, Augustine Mahiga. Among the issues Mahiga is likely to focus on are the roadmap for the implementation of the June Kampala accord and the preparations for the consultative meeting of the stakeholders in Somalia to discuss the roadmap. Read more

  • Overview

    India will be holding the presidency of the Security Council during August. There is an open debate on peacekeeping planned for late in the month, with a wide range of issues likely to be covered, including the relationship between troop and police-contributors... Read more

Download Complete Forecast: PDF