July 2010 Monthly Forecast

Posted 1 July 2010
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  • Somalia

    In July the chair of the Somalia/Eritrea Sanctions Committee, Mexican Ambassador Claude Heller, is expected to brief the Council (resolution 1844 of 20 November 2008 on targeted sanctions calls for the Committee to report to the Council every 120 days). Heller’s briefing is likely to focus on his trip to the Horn of Africa in April. Read more

  • Aide Memoire

    Important matters pending include: UNAMI reports on human rights in Iraq, in the past produced every two to three months, have decreased in their frequency and regularity. The last report, released in December 2009, covered the period from 1 January... Read more

  • Status Update

    Status Update of Security Council Activity in June 2010. Read more

  • Notable Dates

    Notable dates for July 2010. Read more

  • Meeting Between the Security Council and the AU Peace and Security Council

    In July Council members will hold fourth annual consultations with the AU Peace and Security Council. All 15 members of the AU Council, as well as AU Commissioner of Peace and Security Ramtane Lamamra are expected to be invited to participate. Read more

  • Djibouti/Eritrea

    In July the Council is expected to consider resolution 1907 of 23 December 2009 which imposed an arms embargo and targeted sanctions on Eritrea arising from its border dispute with Djibouti. Read more

  • Sudan

    In July the Council is expected to renew the mandate of UNAMID which expires on 31 July. Prior to that, the Council expects to receive a report from the Secretary-General. Consultations on UNMIS are also likely. Read more

  • Israel/Palestine

    An open debate on the Middle East is expected in July. No outcome is expected. However, recent developments related to the Council’s 1 June presidential statement on the Gaza flotilla incident—including Israeli policy towards Gaza and the Secretary-General’s possible investigation—may add new elements to the discussion.  Read more

  • Guinea-Bissau

    The Council is expected to consider the Secretary-General’s 24 June report on UNIOGBIS. The head of the office, Joseph Mutaboba, is expected to brief the Council. The mandate of UNIOGBIS expires on 31 December. Read more

  • UN Office for West Africa

    In July the Council is expecting the report of the Secretary-General on UNOWA, which is due by 30 June. Head of UNOWA Said Djinnit is to brief the Council. The mandate of UNOWA expires on 31 December 2010. Read more

  • Lebanon

    In July consultations on the Secretary-General’s report on resolution 1701 are expected. UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams is expected to brief. No formal action is expected in July but members are likely to have in mind the renewal of the UNIFIL mandate, which ends on 31 August. Read more

  • Protection of Civilians

    The biannual open Council debate on protection of civilians initially expected in June is now scheduled for early July. It will feature a briefing by the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, John Holmes. As this will be Holmes’ last briefing on protection of civilians before leaving his post in July, he is expected to offer some reflections on his tenure. Read more

  • Iraq

    The Council is expecting a report on the Development Fund for Iraq in July. It is likely that the UN Controller will brief Council members in informal consultations on the fund. No Council action is expected. An open meeting may be possible which would allow an Iraqi representative to speak. Read more

  • Overview

    Nigeria will hold the Council presidency in July. Two thematic open debates are expected: the periodic debate on protection of civilians in armed conflict and a debate on conflict prevention and settlement of disputes. (Security Council Report will publish an... Read more

Download Complete Forecast: PDF