January 2017 Monthly Forecast

Posted 28 December 2016
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Notable Dates

Report Due Reports for Consideration in January
28 November OPCW report on the implementation of resolution 2118 (Syria chemical weapons) (S/2016/998) S/RES/2118
5 December Final report of the Panel of Experts of the 2127 CAR Sanctions Committee (S/2016/1032) S/RES/2262
19 December SG report on UNOWAS (West Africa/Sahel)(S/2016/1072) S/2016/88 and S/2016/89
27 December SG report on UNAMID (Darfur) S/RES/2296
29 December SG report on MINUSMA (Mali) S/RES/2295
30 December SG report on MONUSCO (DRC) S/RES/2277
30 December Mid-term report of the Group of Experts of the 1533 DRC Sanctions Committee S/RES/2293
6 January SG report on Somalia (UNSOM & AMISOM) 

S/RES/2275 and S/RES/2297

6 January SG report on UNFICYP (Cyprus) S/RES/2300
12 January SG report on implementation of resolution 2231 (Iran)  S/RES/2231
18 January SG report on the humanitarian situation in Syria  S/RES/2139
Mandates Expire  
31 January CAR sanctions and the mandate of the Panel of Experts to the 2127 CAR Sanctions Committee (Panel of Experts mandate expires in February but will likely be renewed in January) S/RES/2262
31 January UNFICYP (Cyprus) S/RES/2300


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