June 2015 Monthly Forecast

Notable Dates

Report Due Reports for Consideration in June
11 March Annual PBC report S/RES/1645 and S/RES/1646
14 May SG report on UNOCA/LRA (Central Africa) (S/2015/339)  S/PRST/2014/25
15 May SG report on UNOCI (Côte d’Ivoire) S/RES/2162
Mid May Residual Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals progress report (S/2015/340)  S/RES/1966
Mid May ICTY’s completion strategy report (S/2015/341)  S/RES/1966
Mid May ICTR’s completion strategy report (S/2015/342)  S/RES/1966
27 May SG report on UNAMID (Darfur)  S/RES/2173
28 May OPCW report on the implementation of resolution 2118 (Syrian chemical weapons)  S/RES/2118
8 June SG annual report on children and armed conflict  S/RES/2068
9 June Final report of the 1929 Iran Panel of Experts  S/RES/2159
11 June SG report on UNDOF (Golan Heights) S/RES/2192
11 June SG report on UNAMA (Afghanistan) S/RES/2210
12 June SG report on MINUSMA (Mali)  S/RES/2164
23 June SG report on the humanitarian situation in Syria  S/RES/2139
Mandates Expire
30 June UNOCI (Côte d’Ivoire)  S/RES/2162
30 June Authorisation for French forces to operate in Côte d’Ivoire  S/RES/2162     
30 June MINUSMA (Mali)  S/RES/2164
30 June  UNAMID (Darfur)  S/RES/2173
30 June UNDOF (Golan Heights)  S/RES/2192
9 July 1929 Iran Panel of Experts (mandate expires in July but will likely be renewed in June)  S/RES/2159