December 2014 Monthly Forecast

Posted 26 November 2014
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Notable Dates for December

Report Due Reports for Consideration in December
30 October SG report on UNMIK (Kosovo) (S/2014/773) (S/RES/1244)
7 November SG report on UNOCA/LRA (Central Africa) (S/2014/812) (S/PRST/2014/8)
19 November ICTR completion strategy report (S/2014/829) (S/RES/1966)
19 November ICTY completion strategy report (S/2014/827) (S/RES/1966)
19 November  Residual Mechanism progress report (S/2014/826) (S/RES/1966)
19 November Final report of the 1521 Liberia Panel of Experts (S/2014/831) (S/RES/2128)
26 November OPCW report on the implementation of resolution 2118 (Syrian chemical weapons) (S/RES/2118)
26 November SG report on UNAMID (Darfur) (S/RES/2173)
1 December

SG report on MINUSCA (Central African Republic) (S/RES/2149)

1 December

SG report on UNISFA (Abyei) (S/RES/2179)

3 December SG report on UNDOF (Golan Heights) (S/RES/2163)
5 December Final report of the Commission of Inquiry Report on the Central African Republic (S/RES/2127)
9 December Mid-term report of the 1737 Iran Panel of Experts (S/RES/2159)
10 December SG report on UNAMA (Afghanistan) (S/RES/2145)
Mid December

SG report on the humanitarian situation in Syria (S/RES/2139 and S/RES/2165)

Mandates Expire  
10 December Liberia sanctions and 1521 Liberia Panel of Experts (S/RES/2128)
31 December

ICTY & ICTR judges & prosecutors terms (S/RES/2006, S/RES/2007, S/RES/2080 and S/RES/2130)

31 December

ISAF (Afghanistan) authorisation (S/RES/2120)

31 December UNMIL (Liberia) (S/RES/2176)
31 December UNDOF (Golan Heights) (S/RES/2163)
31 December BNUB (Burundi) (S/RES/2137)