March 2014 Monthly Forecast

Posted 28 February 2014
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Notable Dates for March

Report Due Reports for Consideration in March
15 May 2013 SG report on children and armed conflict (S/2013/245)  S/RES/2068
25 February SG report on UNISFA (Abyei) S/RES/2126
26 February SG report on UNSMIL (Libya) S/RES/2095
27 February OPCW report on the implementation of resolution 2118 (Syrian chemical weapons) S/RES/2118
27 February SG report on the implementation of resolution 1701 (Lebanon/UNIFIL) S/RES/2115
28 February SG recommendations on the effectiveness of UNAMID (Darfur) S/RES/2113
28 February SG report on UNMIL (Liberia) S/RES/2116
3 March SG report on UNSOM (Somalia)  S/RES/2102
5 March SG report on UNAMA (Afghanistan) S/RES/2096
5 March SG recommendations for MISCA (CAR) S/RES/2127
6 March SG report on UNMISS (South Sudan) S/RES/2109
6 March SG report on MONUSCO (DRC) S/RES/2098
6 March SG report on the PSC Framework for the DRC and the Region S/RES/2098
10 March SG report on MINUSTAH (Haiti) S/RES/2119
13 March SG report on UNIPSIL (Sierra Leone) S/RES/2097
14 March SG report on UNAMI (Iraq) S/RES/2110
17 March SG report on UNDOF (Golan Heights) S/RES/2131
20 March SG report on Iraq/Kuwait Missing Persons and Property  S/RES/2107
21 March Emergency Relief Coordinator’s Report on Somalia  S/RES/2111
21 March SG report on the implementation of resolution 2139 (humanitarian access in Syria) S/RES/2139
Mandates Expire  
6 March Partial lifting of the arms embargo on Somalia  S/RES/2093
16 March UNSMIL (Libya) S/RES/2095
19 March UNAMA (Afghanistan)  S/RES/2096
31 March MONUSCO (DRC) S/RES/2098
31 March UNIPSIL (Sierra Leone)  S/RES/2097
7 April 1718 DPRK Sanctions Committee’s Panel of Experts  S/RES/2094
16 April 1970 Libya Sanctions and the Sanctions Committee’s Panel of Experts S/RES/2095
Other Important Dates  
6 March The Council will hold a debate on the Central African Republic, with briefings by Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos and the Department of Political Affairs.
6 March A Friends of Libya conference will be held in Rome.
7 March The Council will hold an open debate on children and armed conflict.
10 March Council members are expected to hold an interactive dialogue with the Special Representative for Somalia, the AMISOM force commander and AU representatives.
19 March The Council will be briefed by the Secretary-General on post-conflict peacebuilding with a focus on women in peacebuilding.