March 2013 Monthly Forecast

Posted 28 February 2013
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Notable Dates

Reports for Consideration Document Requesting Report
15 February
Panel of Experts final report to the 1970 Libya Sanctions Committee

20 February
SG report on UNSMIL (Libya) 

28 February
SG report on the restoration of constitutional order in Guinea-Bissau 
28 February
SG report on the implementation of resolution 1701 (UNIFIL/Lebanon)
28 February
SG report on UNMIL (Liberia) 
28 February
SG report on UNIPSIL (Sierra Leone) 
late February
AU report on AFISMA (Mali) 
7 March
SG report on UNAMA (Afghanistan) 
11 March
SG report on UNMISS (South Sudan) 
12 March
SG report on MINUSTAH (Haiti) 
13 March
SG report on UNAMI (Iraq) 
19 March
SG report on UNDOF (Golan Heights) 
20 March
SG report on Mali 
Mandates Expire  
7 March
AMISOM authorisation 
16 March
UNSMIL (Libya) 
16 March
Panel of Experts to the 1970 Libya Sanctions Committee
23 March
UNAMA (Afghanistan) 
31 March
UNIPSIL (Sierra Leone)
Other Important Dates  
7 March The next meeting of the Friends of Yemen is expected to be held in London.  
18 March The opening of the National Dialogue Conference is expected in Yemen.
20 March It seems possible that Council members will be briefed in consultations by Alexander Downer, the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Cyprus.