August 2011 Monthly Forecast

Posted 29 July 2011
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India will be holding the presidency of the Security Council during August. There is an open debate on peacekeeping planned for late in the month, with a wide range of issues likely to be covered, including the relationship between troop and police-contributors and UN bodies, as well as the issue of resources for missions. The Secretary-General is expected to address the Council at the outset of the debate.

A debate will also be held on Kosovo.

Several briefings are likely on:

  • developments in Kosovo, most likely by DPKO;
  • the transitional process developments in Somalia and the impact of famine on parts of the country, by Special Representative Augustine Mahiga (either in person or by videoconferencing), followed by consultations;
  • the Middle East, most likely by the head of DPA, B. Lynn Pascoe, also to be followed by consultations; and
  • Libya, most likely by Pascoe, followed by consultations.

The Council expects to be briefed in consultations:

  • by the DPA’s head B. Lynn Pascoe on issues of current concern (as part of the  recently established monthly practice referred to as the “horizon scanning”);
  • on the work of the UN Office in Central Africa, UNOCA, (established in March) by its head Special Representative Abou Moussa; and
  • on the work of the DPRK Sanctions Committee (the 1718 Committee) by its chair, Portuguese Ambassador José Filipe Moraes Cabral.

The Council will meet in a private meeting with troop-contributors to UNIFIL and will hold consultations to discuss the renewal of UNIFIL’s mandate and will have a formal session to adopt a resolution renewing the mandate.

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