October 2010 Monthly Forecast

Posted 30 September 2010
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Notable Dates

Reports for Consideration in October 2010

Document Requesting Report

16 July 2010

SG report on post-conflict peacebuilding (S/2010/386)


21 July 2010

Peacebuilding Architecture five year review (S/2010/393)


early October

Women and Peacebuilding report


11 October

SG report on DRC (MONUSCO) and sanctions Group of Experts report



15 October

SG report on Chad/CAR (MINURCAT)


15 October

SG report on Timor-Leste (UNMIT)



SG reports on Sudan (UNMIS and UNAMID)




SG report on women, peace and security



SG report on the implementation of resolution 1559 (Lebanon)



SG report on Côte d’Ivoire (UNOCI) and sanctions Group of Experts report



late October

SG report on support for AU Peacekeeping


Mandate Expiry in October 2010

Relevant Document

13 October

Afghanistan (ISAF)


15 October



15 October

Sudan Panel of Experts


31 October

Côte d’Ivoire sanctions and Group of Experts


October 2010

Other Important Dates

3 October

Presidential and parliamentary elections are scheduled for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

4 October

A meeting of the Arab League is expected regarding the current Israeli-Palestinian direct talks.

8 October

Provisional results of the 18 September election in Afghanistan are expected.

12 October

Security Council elections are scheduled.

mid October

The Secretary-General will report to the Council on Nepal (UNMIN) as requested in resolution 1939 and a briefing from Under-Secretary-General B. Lynn Pascoe is expected following his visit.

19 October

The next session of the Lebanese national dialogue is expected to be held.

late October

The Council is scheduled to hold a ministerial-level open debate on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of resolution 1325 on women, peace and security.

31 October

Presidential elections are scheduled in Côte d’Ivoire.

Also expected in October:

  • Security Council mission to Sudan and Uganda during week of 4 October
  • a debate on support for AU peacekeeping, presided over by Ugandan Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa
  • an open debate on the Middle East

The Council is expected to be briefed by the:

  • President of the ICJ Hisashi Owada
  • Head of UN Women Michelle Bachelet
  • Head of MONUSCO Roger Meece
  • Special Representative for Sexual Violence in Conflict Margot Wallström
  • Special Representative and head of MINURCAT Youssef Mahmoud
  • Special Representative for Timor-Leste Ameerah Haq
  • Special Envoy Terje Rød-Larsen on Lebanon

Important Dates over the Horizon

  • Presidential and legislative elections in Haiti are expected on 28 November.
  • General elections in Myanmar are expected in November.
  • Referenda for southern Sudan and Abyei are to be held pursuant to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement by 9 January 2011.
  • Parliamentary and first round presidential elections are scheduled for 23 January 2011 in CAR.
  • Legislative elections are expected on 20 February 2011 and local elections on 27 March 2011 in Chad.
  • First-round presidential elections are expected on 8 May 2011 in Chad.
  • Legislative and presidential elections in Liberia are expected in October 2011.
  • Parliamentary elections and first round of presidential elections are scheduled for 27 November 2011 in the DRC.

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