July 2008 Monthly Forecast

Posted 27 June 2008
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In July Vietnam will have the presidency of the Council.

An open thematic debate on Children and Armed Conflict is expected in mid-July. It will consider the report of the Council’s Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict and related issues. (Our Crosscutting Report of 4 February 2008 provides detailed background information and it will be supplemented by an Update Report prior to the debate.)

A public session on the Middle East, in accordance with normal practice, is also expected. A briefing is likely—although a debate may also be possible. (Our Special Research Report of 17 December 2007 provides background on the history of Council involvement.)

Open meeting are also likely on:

  • Afghanistan (briefing by new SRSG Kai Eide);
  • Darfur/Sudan (renewal of the UNAMID mandate);
  • Cote d’Ivoire (renewal of the UNOCI mandate);
  • Kosovo (report from the Secretary-General on the UNMIK reconfiguration); and
  • Sierra Leone (resolution establishing new mission to follow on from UNIOSIL).

A meeting on Georgia is expected, but it remains to be seen whether the format will be open, closed or simply a briefing in consultations. Discussions on Somaliaare also likely. A Secretariat briefing is possible but it remains to be seen whether this will be in consultations or an open meeting. The latter is more likely if the SRSG comes to New York. And a meeting on Ethiopia/Eritrea is likely if no agreement is reached by the end of June on a resolution which was under discussion at press time.

Consultations are expected on:

  • Chad/CAR (in light of expected report from the Secretary-General);
  • DPRK (briefing by the Chair of Sanctions Committee);
  • DRC (consideration of Secretary-Generals quarterly report);
  • Lebanon (review of implementation of resolution 1701); and
  • Nepal (briefing by SRSG Ian Martin).

Issues which might arise include:

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