April 2008 Monthly Forecast

Posted 28 March 2008
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Sierra Leone

In late April, the Council is expected to receive the Secretary-General’s report containing additional ideas on the drawdown of the UN Integrated Office in Sierra Leone (UNIOSIL) as well as the mandate, structure and strength of an envisaged follow-on integrated political office. (The Secretary-General had, on 31 January, submitted to the Council a completion strategy for UNIOSIL and told the Council he would also update them with the upcoming report.) On 28 February, the Council requested that he include further information on the drawdown of UNIOSIL between local elections scheduled for 5 July and the completion of the mission in September, as well as proposals on the mandate, structure and strength of the replacement integrated political office.

At press time, it was unclear whether the Sierra Leone report will be taken up during April or in May during the presidency of the UK, the lead country on this issue.
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