April 2008 Monthly Forecast


UN Cooperation with Regional Organisations and Conflict Prevention

On 17 April, the Council is expected to hold an open debate (possibly with high-level representation) combining two thematic issues on its agenda:

During the debate, it will consider the Secretary-General’s report on enhancing cooperation between the UN and regional organisations, in particular the AU, which was requested in March 2007 (S/PRST/2007/7) and November 2007 (S/PRST/2007/42). It will also consider the Secretary-General’s recent report on the implementation of resolution 1625 of 14 September 2005, on strengthening the effectiveness of the UN’s role in conflict prevention, particularly in Africa.

The debate will be preceded on 16 April by a meeting of the Council with members of the AU Peace and Security Council following up on the agreement reached last year in Addis Ababa during a meeting with the visiting delegation of the UN Security Council to hold annual meetings between the two.

Security Council Report will publish a detailed Update Report in advance of these meetings.

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