December 2007 Monthly Forecast

Posted 29 November 2007
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Status Update

Recent developments on the situations covered in this Forecast are addressed in the relevant briefs. Interesting developments in the Council on other issues in November included:

  • International Court of Justice: On 2 November the President of the International Court of Justice, Judge Rosalyn Higgins, briefed members on recent developments in the Court of interest to the Council (S/PV.5775, which was also issued as a communiqué).
  • Regional Organisations: On 6 November, the Security Council held a further debate in a series which now extends over several years on the role of regional and subregional organisations in the maintenance of international peace and security (S/PV.5776, corr. 1 and resumption 1). The Council adopted a presidential statement (S/PRST/2007/42) acknowledging the growing practical contribution of regional organisations in maintaining international peace and security.
  • Afghanistan: On 8 November, the Council adopted a press statement that condemned the terrorist attack of 6 November which targeted members of a parliamentary delegation visiting Baghlan in northern Afghanistan, and killed more than forty people (SC/9166). In the statement, Council members “reiterated their concern at the increasing threat…posed by the Taliban, Al-Qaida, illegal armed groups, criminals and those involved in the narcotics trade.”
  • Security Council Annual Report to the General Assembly: On 12 November, Council president, Indonesian Ambassador R.M. Marty M. Natalegawa presented the Council’s annual report to the General Assembly (S/2007/627). Member states discussed this report from 12-14 November (GA/10656, 10657 and 10658).
  • Ethiopia/Eritrea: On 13 November the Council adopted a presidential statement reiterating its call for a solution to the situation between Eritrea and Ethiopia (S/PRST/2007/43).
  • Northern Uganda/LRA: The Council heard a briefing in private consultations by the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Lord’s Resistance Army affected areas, Joaquim Chissano, on the Juba peace process on 13 November. A press statement was issued (SC/9167), which noted that the Council’s members were encouraged by the progress made so far, reaffirmed their support for a negotiated settlement and expressed hope for an early conclusion to the peace process. Members also reiterated that impunity must be curtailed and urged the immediate release of women, children and other non-combatants by the Lord’s Resistance Army.
  • Myanmar: Ibrahim Gambari, the UN Special Envoy to Myanmar, briefed the Council on 13 November regarding his mission to Myanmar earlier that month. Gambari noted progress made since his previous trip to the country. On 14 November, the Council issued a press statement which reaffirmed support for the efforts of the Secretary-General and his Special Envoy and welcomed positive developments in Myanmar (SC/9171). The statement also deplored “that many prisoners are still in jail and new arrests have occurred”; stressed the need for the Myanmar government “to create conditions for dialogue and reconciliation by relaxing as a first step, the conditions of detention of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and release of political prisoners and detainees”; and confirmed that the Council would “keep developments in Myanmar under close review.”
  • Terrorism: On 14 November, the Council was briefed by the 1373, 1267 and 1540 Committee chairs (S/PV.5779). Following the briefing, the Council adopted a press statement expressing the view that committees addressing terrorism “become more interactive, cooperative and transparent to Member States and…expand their interactions with international, regional and subregional organizations” (SC/9170).
  • Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict: The Council on 20 November held an open debate on the protection of civilians in armed conflict (S/PV.5781 and resumption 1) and considered the Secretary-General’s 28 October report on the issue (S/2007/643). Members heard a statement by the Secretary-General and a briefing by John Holmes, Under Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, on the report. There was no formal outcome.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: On 21 November, the Council unanimously adopted resolution 1785 authorising the European Union Stabilisation Force (EUFOR) in Bosnia and Herzegovina for an additional twelve months. The resolution was passed after Council consideration of the issue on 15 November (S/PV.5780) and 21 November (S/PV.5782).
  • Iraq: On 21 November, the Council approved in a letter (S/2007/680) the archiving procedure for UNMOVIC files as proposed by the Secretary-General in his latest report (S/2007/568) and responded to the Secretary-General’s request for guidance on access to confidential information.
  • Middle East: At press time, a briefing by Lynn Pascoe, Under Secretary-General for Political Affairs and consultations on the Middle East were planned for 30 November.

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