December 2007 Monthly Forecast


In December Italy will have the presidency of the Council. The newly elected Council members Burkina Faso, Croatia, Costa Rica, Libya and Vietnam will attend informal consultations and meetings of the subsidiary bodies as guest observers in preparation for taking up their seats in January.

It seems that the Council may have four major public debates in December:

However, there remains uncertainty about the procedural format for both the Kosovo and Middle East items.

In addition open briefings are likely on:

A large number of expiring mandates dictates that December as usual will be an extremely busy month. The mandates expiring in December and requiring Council decisions (some of these will be by way of letter to the Secretary-General as opposed to resolutions) are:

A number of other situations are likely to be discussed in informal consultations and could result in outcomes approved in formal open meetings. These include:

Council members will also need to find time to discuss the allocation of chairmanships of the various Council subsidiary bodies for 2008.

Finally, residual matters relating to Iraq, including the final expiry of the oil-for-food programme and various outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait, are also expected to be before the Council in December.

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