November 2007 Monthly Forecast


In November Indonesia will have the presidency of the Council.

It seems that the Council may have four major open debates in November:

The Council will also have a closed meeting on 2 November with the President of the International Court of Justice.
With all of these events to schedule, plus accommodating:

It will be important for non-Council members wanting to participate in the open debates to register their interest in writing with the president of the Council at an early date.

The only mandate expiring in November is EUFOR, the EU Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A formal meeting to extend the mandate is expected the morning of 15 November. It is possible that, in addition, the Council will also act in November to renew the mandate for the multinational force in Iraq. This would involve renewal a month earlier than it is due. The actual timing will depend on the request from the Government of Iraq.

A number of other situations are likely to be discussed in informal consultations and could result in outcomes approved in formal open meetings. These include:

The non-proliferation issues relating to Iran will be present in Council members’ minds, especially with reports due in November from the IAEA regarding its negotiations with Iran and from the EU/Iran discussions. There are also regular news stories regarding the meetings between the P5 and Germany on drafting of a third sanctions resolution. However, the deadlines for the IAEA and EU reports later in the month seem to suggest that any Council discussion of the issue could take place in December.
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