October 2007 Monthly Forecast


In October Ghana will have the presidency of the Council.

It seems that Ghana will highlight the issue of Women, Peace and Security as a thematic issue during its presidency. The month will begin with an Arria style meeting focused on this issue, which will feature a presentation by the former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, on the impact on women of the conflict in Darfur and Chad.

A formal open meeting of the Council will follow on 23 October. The Council is likely to come under considerable pressure to move beyond reaffirmation of past documents and adopt something concrete by way of a mechanism to inject some better accountability into future handling of this issue.

In addition to the meeting on Women Peace and Security, formal open meetings of the Council are expected on:

Each of the mandate renewals seems likely to involve complex substantive political issues in addition to the renewal questions and could involve considerable work by the Council members’ experts. And in the case of Georgia, procedural problems are also possible. (When it was last on the agenda in July, a dispute was only resolved by meeting in a closed formal format.)

A number of other situations are likely to be discussed in informal consultations and could result in outcomes approved in formal open meetings. These include:

Security Council Report expects to be publishing web based Update Reports on some of these issues during the month.
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